Big Mac hurting as customers get pickier


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I wouldn't call people picky for wanting a custom burger. Not everybody likes all the toppings and some people have allergies or weak stomachs to certain foods.

Every person should have the choice to be able to eat out with friends dietary needs or not.

I can't eat a lot of things right now due to allergies and pregnancy and living in Japan has made it really hard to eat outside because it's nearly impossible to customize anything.

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Agreed. You can go to places like Sheetz and custom your burger. With touch screens and displays, it shouldn't hurt productivity. This isn't preset menus anymore. People don't like that. This is really McDs refusing to change in order to stay modern more than anything. I like the Big Mac, and think they should recommend items, but allow you a large range of customization.

McDs had it right when it owned Chipotle's. I thought it was madness to let them go. Really a foolish move

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Looks like I've got to say it...This isn't complicated... McDonalds food is disgusting, cold slab burgers, plastic fries, rubber nuggets, it's workers unsociable, including those that might understand an order and speak the native language... confused to spastic delirium if you should round off the price total with a loose coin, don't ever expect them to count back your change, it's restaurants are filthy and poorly managed... the list goes on. New menu will not save it anymore than new tires can save a broken down mobil home. Stop sympathizing with them, they don't feel bad about selling leftovers. The writing is on the wall, and its written is ketchup.

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The reason for this? Can poor food and service ever make money? No, eventually people will tire of it. Also, McDonald's produce 'products' not anything resembling real food. Infamously,a diet of their food will cause health problems.....

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