Big Tobacco cries foul after hard-line U.N. treaty

By Nina Larson

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I don’t smoke but some of my family does. I’d love to see them off tobacco in ANY form. Anything less is just supporting a killer industry.

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Sorry big tobacco I just don't trust you AT ALL!!

Neither should anyone else

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Weren’t they fined ½ a trillion dollars for lying a few decades back?

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the policy-making process is open to dialogue between governmental authorities and all parties who are potentially impacted by it, including businesses."

If we listen to their PR logic, lawmakers should ask the murderers if they wish laws that punish killing...

"the science is clear. The evidence shows that switching to a smoke-free product is a better choice than continuing to smoke."

Then apply your science, stop growing tobacco except for the flowers and stick to selling chocolate cigarettes.

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There are worse things than tobacco - take a look at pharma and they can advertise sell online, etc. Your outrage is completely misplaced and laughable.

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