Bitcoin breaks $50,000 for first time since 2021


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Uncorrelated asset & fear of central bank money printing!

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as a reward when powerful computers solve complex problems

Not even one easy problem is solved by those computers, I can swear on that. lol

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And what are these so called complicated problems?

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i have been in financial field for so many years, but i never trust this kind of crypto currency

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i have been in financial field for so many years, but i never trust this kind of crypto currency

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"Bitcoin is a scam"

Lol. Cant wait to see the copium when Bitcoin breaches 100k.

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Pull-back to 30k would be welcome.

The future of BTC is questionable for the next two years as far as ATH is concerned. Now there are big boys in the game who most likely will not invest billions in BTC at 50k. The halving will be especially interesting, and perhaps the opposite of what is expected will happen.

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Doubters keep hating while others keep increasing the size of their wallet...institutional capital has already changed their tune and are buying bitcoin by the boatload via the federally-approved ETFs, this ship has started to sail.

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I’d rather buy more NVIDIA any day.

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MarkToday 03:50 pm JST

i have been in financial field for so many years, but i never trust this kind of crypto currency

Trust? What are you not trusting?

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Follow 'flows', these new ETF put BC demand way above actively traded BC supply. Record ETF fund flow for new ETF BC products, PMs & RIAs like diversification, not depending on company earnings, currency, etc.

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✓ Exactly follow the flows and other empirical data.

Nvidia also a good play for now.

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Nvidia at an all-time high and TONS of new competition on the way, including of course AMD. They have no natural monopoly. Sure, it's had a great run, but even the greatest redwood trees don't grow forever!

For me today, BC much better risk reward and diversification than Nvidia.

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Yea jury is out on whether Nvidia can continue to stay ahead

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I believe.

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Wait for any stupidity Musk or another "guru" write on Twitter and the bubble fall again to 30000s..


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Nvdia is seemingly like Cisco during that earlier bubble.

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There are clear strategies to manage the levels of risk posed by investing even short term in Cryptocurrency.


Demystifying Cryptocurrency - Researching the realities of decentralised finance...

Even after more than 10 years in existence the Bitcoin ecosystem is still dominated by large and concentrated players: the top 10000 investors control more than 30 percent of all Bitcoins and circulation; the top 50 miners often control more than 50 percent of all aggregate mining capacity.

This inherent concentration makes Bitcoin susceptible to systemic risk, and it also implies that the gains from further Bitcoin adoption will likely disproportionately fall to a small set of people.

Also corrupt state/government actors infest the market, drawing the ever prying eyes of politician, after regulatory control. As a means to stem tax evasion, money laundering, financing of terrorism.

Government want to exert strict control through close/tight regulation

Basic principles for regulating crypto-assets

Blockchain techno is a different matter altogether.

* *
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NVIDIA HGX H100 | The most powerful end-to-end AI supercomputing platform

This field could offer crypto development mining tech the means to develop, however Taiwan is essential through it semiconductor manufacturing skill base.

A fact not lost on the Government of China.

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