Black Friday frenzy goes global - and not everyone’s happy


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Hell here there were "Black Friday" sales LAST Friday the 22nd! Probably didnt know when the "real" one started!

(Sarcasm alert) Anything to copy America and try to make better!

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A large portion of the developed countries celebrate Christmas, so Black Friday is a good date to kick off the Christmas shopping.

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Can businesses sue protesters for blocking business? It does cost them money. I know I don't want to be shoved around or screamed at by protesters...I'd avoid shopping there.

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Also, in the us and other countries, private property includes the parking lot all the way to the inside (exception for California where mall inside is a public space as if the private company didn't pay for it). How can protesters legally protest on private property? Thatd be like me protesting right in front of someone's house door. Sidewalk is close enough in US. Does France not have similar private property laws?

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I've always found it rather ironic, in a funny way, how Americans will fight one another over cheap electronics a day after being 'thankful' for everything that they have in their lives...

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I make it s point to stay in the house from Thursday through Sunday, even if I need groceries. I'd rather dig through the bar cupboards than deal with the madness on the roads and in stores.

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Bar = bare

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Mad Monday

Turning Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Thriving Thursday

Seasoning Saturday

Super Special Sunday

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How about Green Friday when everyone looks in their cupboards to see which clothing could last another season or an item that does not need updating.

Black Friday has become a massive worldwide rip-off.

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The term Black Friday comes from retailers' claim that it was the day when they went from being lossmaking for the year - in the red - to making a profit - in the black.

Wrong.And you know it.

When I saw the article saying not everyone's happy with B.F. I thought it was because of where the historical origins of it came from.But this is an article grumbling about money and the deception of B.F's.The same ol' same ol'.

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If you don't need don't shop.

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How can protesters legally protest on private property? 

In France, no law makes it illegal by default. Depends on what protesting means. Most times it's just people standing there and shouting, and that does not really last long before the cops remove them under pretext to allow trafic. You can't them hang for so little. If protesters break or hurt, they can be sued, of course. And they are, hundreds of Yellow Vests have been convicted in the past months.

Then Amazon and the others are probably not owning the place where it operates, so parkings, alleys... it's semi-public and everybody has a right to walk there during day time.

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