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Boeing again delays initial 787 test flight


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the 7 late 7 lives up to its name

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Boeing shares down by over 50 percent from peak of USD100 dollars.

Delays will be there since company cash circulation is down 50 percent.

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WIth the possible break up of the Air France airplane in bad weather in the back of everyone's mind, learning that this model has issues where the wings join to the fuselage, a rather important part of the plane, is not going to inspire confidence. Other articles have discussed issues with actual bonding of the materials, or the places where traditional titanium/ metal and modern composite come together. I also wonder if the policy of outsourcing design and production of components around the world, albeit under supervision, is contributing to these issues?

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Here's what I posted in another article about Quantas:

I do know about the new Boeing 787 and I would hope the composites aren't used in the critical area mentioned in the article.

Seems they are being used in critical areas on the new Boeing. Might be wise to avoid this aircraft in the future--I'd hate to be one of their Guinea pigs.

Here's the article I posted before:


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It sounds as if Boeing's testing deadlines are a bit too aggressive, especially when they are using new types of material under a new production plan; hence the delays.

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Better to delay it and get it right than to have it crash.

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"The 787 production team will continue testing the airplane, performing tests such as low-speed taxiing"

Eventually they'll get around to tests such as takeoff and landing.

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