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Boeing announces record Chinese order worth $38 bil


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That is an important news.

Hope and wish that (1) the planes will be built in the USA and NOT in China and (2) that Chinese technicians, engineers and others related to them are NEVER allowed to access or even permitted entry to anything close to being "sensitive" and "proprietary" technology and information.

Since Boeing is also doing research and development as well as production of "space" as well as "military" aircraft, any "open" door is of EXTREME SECURITY RISK.

My personal belief is that the current administration will somehow "open" the doors for such espionage. So only individuals within the company with high sense of honor and US citizenship will be able to "protect" the interests and security of the USA.

Another fear is the "conversion" of those new aircraft for military use By China. So the request for any changes to civilian passenger aircraft, such stronger body or more cargo capacity or more thrust for speed can be of concern for every nation in the world., especially SE Asia and the rest of Asia.

China is already building enough island based airports in the Pacific in preparation for such new aircraft. If they cannot control by land, they are certainly trying to control by sea.

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Didnt you know the golden rule of capitalism is the big spender says ALL !

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A big souvenir from Mr. Xi. Japan needs to match this to stay on the good side of the U.S., but it's a tall order for ailing and aging No.3 economy. China is playing by the U.S. capitalist rulebook and making it increasingly difficult for the U.S. to side with Japan, especially for things like worthless rock piles along Japan-China border. At this rate, it won't be long for the U.S. to abrogate its security treaty with Japan in its entirety. Mr. Xi is letting his money do the talking and the U.S., much to Japan's chagrin, responds well to that kind of incentive.

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China will make their own planes soon enough, following the Airbus method of "temporary" government support.

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I guess in three years time China will be selling a cloned version 737 for less than half the price. That's the nature of business I guess.

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Hope and wish that (1) the planes will be built in the USA and NOT in China

I heard that Boeing will build some kind of plant in China, although it's just reported to be for painting and engine assembly. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-34344067

For the rest of your post.......lol.

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And China's next stragetic bomber is to be traced with Boeing's fingerprints.

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