Boeing Max production could be slowed by issue with parts


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Personally, I really don't want to fly in these planes.

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Killing people like noone else: 737Max.

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Good. It’s a crime that no one is being held criminally accountable for the deaths caused by these planes. Let’s not forget the people who died needlessly due to corporate malfeasance, including former Tokushima ALT Sarah Auffret.

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Can't help but think everytime Being is being hammered that 'they had it comin'.

Having said this, the current CEO is miles apart from the guy that caused all the problem, so he deserves a fair go, AND as far as pilots are concerned (coming from a pilot and pilot trainer working for EVA Air), the 737 MAX is the safest plane in the world right now due to all the scrutiny heaped on it, the regulators and the government, and not just in USA but all over the world.

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I recently watched 'The Case Against Boeing' on Netflix, disturbing stuff.

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Passengers should have the right to refuse to fly on such planes and either be refunded or rebooked at no expense - Boeing's 737 Max should be retired completed.

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eh? Even with China orders on hold, Boeing can't keep up with demand for it, read the title of this story.

Seriously, it's a very mature airframe, updated with the latest in material science and tech. Where it became a turkey was the previous CEO's attitude in cost cutting, specifically one attitude sensor vs redundancy, hiding MCAS instead of publicising it to pilots. All the fixes and more, much more have now been added to the airframe, and training made mandatory. It's bullet and idiot proof!

I'd be much more worried flying on the Airbus equivalent, given the subsidies and cost cutting war between Airbus and Boeing that culminated in this trafedy.

Truce reached, Boeing got scrutinies, lots of it, Airbus unchanged from warring days. LOL, I know which I'd prefer to fly on.

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