Boeing planning China factory: report


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This is so stupid to do.....Boeing...

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Momentarily alarmed me until I read that "the plant would install seats, in-flight entertainment systems, and some galleys and lavatories, as well as the custom paint job for each airline." They'll be flown in as completed airlines and fitted for local customer requirements. Doesn't seem like a bad deal if it secures orders.

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as long as they keep the low tech work done in China, as soon as you teach the Chinese how to do the high tech stuff which requires expensive R&D you may as well kiss that tech goodbye. But companies are greedy and they many times fail to look at the long term picture and the ramifications

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Is it really cheaper to "paint" a plane in a different country?

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@ Wabi Sabi


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Momentarily alarmed me until I read that "the plant would install seats, in-flight entertainment systems,

Laguna - improper wiring on in-flight entertainment systems led to the Swissair 111 crash, if I'm not mistaken.

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But companies are greedy and they many times fail to look at the long term picture and the ramifications>

It you read the whole article then you will know that Boeing is looking at the the long term picture. It says 'China is expected to add 6,330 new aircraft worth $950 billion to its commercial fleet by 2034, Boeing said last month in its annual China Current Market Outlook.' Boeing wants a big share of it and building a factory in China will help them to get it.

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There goes BOEING selling out its American workers!!

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Boeing wants a big share of it and building a factory in China will help them to get it. once the Chinese can steal the tech they wont need Boeing, the Chinese Government state run companies will just build there own planes and sell them cheap doemsitcally & overseas stealing Boeing Airbus business. Its happened in almost every industry China has touched

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Pretty hard to just ignore the second largest economy and the most populous country. Their middle class is larger than the U.S.' total population.

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Thats why talking strip away China's MFN is talk soup! For businessmen, politics is definately NOT their agenda.

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This is probably the worst that Boeing can do. It is NOT like building an automobile. The same technology can build jet fighters and bombers which China apparently loves.

But worse is WHY is this administration even allowing the possibility of such a move to be considered?

It cannot be just economic for Boeing?

There is something a foot within this administration?

It is important to not only listen to the rhetoric and what is being done, but listen to what was not said and what was or is not being done.

This administration by NOT saying or NOT doing has "forced" others such as the Congress take it up and act.

But that has always caused much delays and ineffective actions because Congress by nature takes too long for any meaningful action to be taken. Congress is being "played" by this administration.

And Congress is always worried about elections and the system, hoping that it will work properly. That only invites "delays" and meanwhile the administration had taken the backdoor into everything not good for the USA and the world.

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In 10 years, China will be building its own aircraft from technology stolen from Airbus and Boeing. Just like they've stolen automotive technology from everyone who has allowed them to do so. Business leaders often can't see past the dollar signs at the ends of their noses.

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Boeing which now owns McDonell Douglas clearly has a very short memory on what the Chinese do... COPY and then lie about it. The Chinese ripped off the tooling sets on loan to them for the Chinese MD-90-30 programme that were going to be built in China as MD-90-30T "Trunkliner" with double the main gear wheels for 'softer' surface airports. For more than a decade Shanghai Aviation Industrial Corporation has been building their version (read as copy) of that MD-90 aircraft called the COMAC ARJ21 after they cancelled the deal with MD over a decade ago. Boeing won't even be making hard for the Chinese to copy/hack by providing them with the tools yet again and factory this time. Dumb move.

How China views copying. The state does get involved. <>

The Chinese copy of the MD-90. <>

Useful info on the REAL MD-90 series. <>

Chinese copy the F35. <>

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No body will ride an Airline that uses Boeing anymore if that happens. Go Go Airbus all made in EU!

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They the Chinese already build major components for Boeing. This will allow them to copy/build an entire replica.

I'll blame the labor unions. Six figure salaries (with a little overtime) for minimally skilled labor. When they loose their job they cannot replace anywhere near the same salary.

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Big big, big mistake - maybe it has something to do with the 300 Bn dollar order the Chinese just made with Boeing. Protect your technology Boeing, the shameless Chinese will rip it right off and then say "no no we were developing this for a long time" saving billions on R&D because you handed it to them

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Go Go Airbus all made in EU!

Per the article:

"A Boeing factory in China would represent an about-turn in the U.S. giant’s strategy in the crucial market, where European rival Airbus has a final assembly operation for medium-range Airbus 320 aircraft in the northern port of Tianjin and plans to open a new completion and delivery center for long-haul A-330s."

Airbus already got a factory in China even before Boeing.

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