BOJ chief says Japan's economy likely to recover by mid-year


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miracle to happen within four months, this is what Kuroda is saying? No mention of Abenomics?

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By boosting inflation, Japan's planners hope to persuade consumers to spend more now in anticipation of price increases in the future.

Kuroda said prices are unlikely to rise for the next few months but after that Japan would see some progress toward its inflation target

I don't understand. They want to increase customer's spending and also hike in prices???

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Recover from what exactly, the crash 20+ years ago?

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Mid-year? Say what? He has been reading too many Harry Potter novels. Mid-century would be a closer estimate.

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The BOJ has a single function spelled out in its charter - to maintain price stability. Where was the BOJ when excess inflation launched the bubble? No where.

The only demographic that want/need an inflation target are the criminals, er, bankers.

Stagnant prices coupled with lower wages are here because the Japanese economic model is broken. There is no way in the world the low birthrate and high death rate/lack of wage-earners can support more roads and bridges to nowhere.

Look at the houses and shops where you live. One out of every three will be empty by the next generation. What kind of idiot would believe the words of politicians that economic growth can come from that fact?

Politicians and bankers are worthless scum. No one needs them. No society needs them at all.

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Kuroda said prices are unlikely to rise for the next few months.

Until Japanese workers see a lot more money in their pocket, nobody is spending anything but on the basics.

The Dankai generation have the money and they have all the flat screen TVs and Prius' that they need.

Instead the Japanese worker will see less money in his pocket as taxes are going up and prices will soon follow.

Utter madness.

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I think he meant "unlikely"

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"Hope is the last to go." I would say by mid year it will be gone! Even miracles tend to take a little longer. To achieve that kind of economic growth in such a short time it would ultimately be artificial and not sustainable.

A slow, long and steady growth would be a lot more beneficial for the country.

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It also requires moves by the government to cap the country’s fast rising public debt -

Just because the government is required to do something, doesnt mean they will.

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Instead the Japanese worker will see less money in his pocket as taxes are going up and prices will soon follow.

Wait but Abe said he expects businesses to pay more to workers! OMG he's lying! (Wait he's Japanese......)

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More hot air in anattempt to weaken yen and drive up Nikkei. And any action will just be more destructive by increasing govt. debt and continuing to support zombie industries.

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more likely that goverment change again by mid year lol... that train is going to the cliff closer and closer... dont save money spend it as long u get something for it.

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Hilarious. Yes, Japan's economy will cover just like that. Thank you Abe San. Baaaaah Bahhhhh!

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Boy this blurb is very inspiring, NOT!!!!!!!

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Most dont seem to realize, Japans economic recovery, for the last 20 years have been hampered by.. shock after shock on the global market.. as well as the lack of monetary reform, and domestic political apathy. Nonetheless, what the BOJ chief has said, is merely to shore up confidence in the markets... as everyone here knows.. the markets run on confidence, bought about by, trust.. no matter how fragile it may be. Still, the domino effect of Brussels Cyprus experiment, may yet again, be the repeat of 1997, 2001, and 2007.. sad but true.

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Oh my finally I will be availed to buy the Audi that I always dream!!!

Talking about Japan come # 4 on the country that lie the most!

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By boosting inflation, Japan’s planners hope to persuade consumers to spend more now in anticipation of price increases in the future.

Translation into mob-speak: "That's a nice nest egg you've saved up. It would be a shame if something happened to it."

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Dreams are necessary, but unfortunately not sufficient without any bold action from Japan Inc.

Just a few examples: rejuvenation, no sexism, stop getting pissed every evening after fake overtime, admitting strength from competitors, stopping endless meetings... and giving a sense of responsibility to the salarymen!

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I guess I don't see anything in the data that would support growth by mid-year. The EU is a mess and the US has just posted really low numbers (0.4 "growth") so I don't expect Japan is going to fare much better. People haven't been spending as much since the price destruction began and with actual layoffs in Japan I think people are sitting on their money. Can you blame them?

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"BOJ chief says Japan's economy likely to recover by mid-year"

Hi I'm Earl Jive, and I'll paint any story, any color for $29.95. No ups, no extras."

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The Japanese economy has been trying to recover for about 20 years...It is just not going to happen! It is more likely that the economy will just barely continue to limp along,propped up on it's crutch of Yen manipulation and the junk government bonds that so many patriotic Japanese citizens purchase...But these will not sustain nor grow the Japanese economy for much longer. Times are tight for all global economies and there is no solid indication that anything has has occurred that any countries economy will be improving anytime soon.In japan there are many things that will stop meaningful improvements, the aging population, deep government debt, loss of exported products demand, the ever rising cost of producing energy, and the yet undetermined cost of cleaning up the NPP disaster. All of these will continue to hobble any meaningful growth in the Japanese economy,probably for many decades......And if you think these "Free trade agreements" with the US and EU are going to somehow stimulate growth then you are drinking some very bad KoolAide and smoking some wicked bad weed! But at least you will be able to afford the imported rice,beef,and apples...Even though you won't be able to afford the fuel to cook them.

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Yeah baby. Earning out title here, are we? Sucking up to the Man and letting him hear what he wants to hear?

It is good that there are so many yes-men around here so we can all get this good news!

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Are we beating a dying horse here? In its last breath, maybe we’ll see a shake or two. After two decades Japan’s pipe dream is gonna make the horse move!

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