BOJ survey shows cheaper yen lifts Japan business sentiment


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"Sentiment", huh? Sentiment and mood of "automakers (read: Toyota) and other big manufacturing companies"?

Does their optimism translate into cheaper products for the working masses, as falling prices and a strong yen would? Does it even translate into higher salaries for the very people working in those export companies? Or ae they given a raise of 1,000 yen per month (while their food expenses rise by much more) and told to feel good about Abenomics while their financial security slips away?

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Business sentiment among Japan’s automakers and other big manufacturers has improved slightly, according to the latest quarterly survey by the Japanese central bank.

This slightly improved 'sentiment' will soon turn into "grievance" of weaker Yen.

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"will soon turn into "grievance" of weaker Yen."

Higher US interest rates and the current risk-on mood among global investors tend to put downward pressure on the yen. How "soon" do you mean?

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Expectations for sales, profits and investment for both large and small companies weakened.

Here is one key point, if profits, sales, and investment expectations are weak, whatever gains that people have in the numbers now will definitely go south right quick.

The economy will hardly grow if business does not have money on hand, and there is no way any company looking at a weak future is going to increase wages on the chance that their income is going to get weaker.

Another Abe "urge" flushing down the toilet.

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117.83. I like that.

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Overall, the economy is still growing much more slowly than was hoped given the massive monetary easing of the past few years.

That's because, as some of us realize, monetary easing (massive or otherwise) does little to boost economic growth.

On the other hand, a new US administration promising pro-business fiscal policy in the way of tax cuts and regulatory reform has triggered a stock market rally that suggests investors see higher growth coming some months down the line, in response. (Time will tell.)

Abe should take note!! I /wish/ Abe would take note!!! All he needs to do is say "my 3rd arrow reforms are now the sole focus of my government", and this time around show some gutsy leadership. Things in Japan could really take off too - not just the established manufacturing sector that is addicted to having a weak currency. Consumers want a strong currency, not a weak one.

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Its a short-term sugar high. One year from now it will be 85 - 90 range...

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