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BOJ says Japan's economy recovering moderately


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Bunch of conveniently time press releases to attempt to win the Olympics

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Moderate? Perhaps under the radar or we did not borrow as much money as last week!

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Straight BS from BOJ. The sugar-high from "monetary easing", a sugar-coated euphemism for currency manipulation, will all coming crashing down at some point in likely the near future.

Believe the BOJ and Abe at your own peril.

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Data and economies are becoming consistantly better right round the world, I hardly think the US data is being manipulated by Abe and co or that they are manipulating Euro and UK data nor china's, but I know some hate to think things are little by little improving, it doesnt matter what you may think the rising damp is being stemmed.

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There, there, Jean. Again with the unwarranted negativity? How can you possibly predict that crash of the yen and the Japanese economy. This isn't something I would wish for. If that were to happen, which is very unlikely for reasons you obviously can't fathom, the whole global economy is coming down with it. Whatever money you have--dollars, yens, yuan, or trinkets--will be worthless. When that happens it will be survival of the fittest. You prepared you defend you and yours from the onslaught of rabid takers?

Japan is fine. Spend some loot on a six-pack. Contribute a bit for the benefit your psyche and the economy.

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Yep, noticed a moderate lesoning of money leaving my wallet. Guess my budget cuts are working moderately.

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Keep hearing on the news that the economy is recovering but never see or hear of any evidence to support these claims. I have certainly not gotten a raise. Talking to a guy in my factory today whose 24 year old son is moving back home because his wages were cut and he can no longer afford rent. Economic recovery for whom? The rich?

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Keep hearing on the news that the economy is recovering but never see or hear of any evidence to support these claims.

Here in Japan "reading" (media reports) is believing, "seeing" is entirely opposite to it and what I have been seeing is nothing but recession.

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If I was involved in graft, lies and scams, maybe this would be true! I am questioning my choice to be a normal everyday worker now...how do I say please tax me more? Because its very important that thoses at the top continue to enjoy a high life using my money!

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Of course tax hikes will blunt consumer demand! I am still trying to work out how the Abenomics three arrow plan will increase disposable income for families as he keeps claiming. Increased taxes, health care and pension premiums do not add up to increased disposable income. Then, you can add government approval to increase utility tariffs and the changes to the labor laws to make it easier to fire staff and to eliminate the bonus system. The conclusion can only be, the middle class is being screwed! I guess we all know where that third arrow is going. Bend over and let Abe show you!

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"Abe’s hand-picked bank management team, led by governor Haruhiko Kuroda"

"Kuroda San" <--- a man of complete questionable credibility.

He once said "He is confident that hiking sale tax will not impact the economy....." what a bollocks..... a statement from the least intelligent economic student. how can he be a Governor in the first place?

Good luck with steering the Japan economy with this 'highly' intelligent being!

Any fool would know 'hiking sale tax is damaging any economy except him'!!!!!

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I like optimistic news more than pessimistic ones

Shouldn't we be cheering on the economy getting better, and people getting more jobs and higher pay?

Remember the Economy also has a lot to do with how people perceive the situation as well, so lets think positive people.

Lets cheer on the yen inflating, because I could always use more yen in my pocket.

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I have no doubt ESL teachers know economy better than those with PhD in Econ LOL

Well I bagged $12,000. with a VERY small investment. The biggest decision for a the PhD's are wether to print or print. Yeah...real tough.

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I know it's going to be different for some people living in Japan. But for a regular business tourist like myself, some of aspects of Abenomics are great.

The exchange rate lowers the cost of the Japanese-made products I sell through my business, which increases my once-negligible profits while lowering prices for my customers. So my customers buy more, I make more profit (which is not evil), and the people in Japan who manufacture the products have more work, income, and job security.

Also, the exchange rate allows me to spend more when I'm in Japan, which further stimulates the economy. On my next trip, I'm going to Kyoto and staying in a ryokan, something I couldn't afford to do on my trip last year, when one US$1 bought only 78 JPY. Plus, I'll be looking for more business opportunities to import yet more Japanese-made products to the U.S.

Sure, my friends who are here from Japan with their companies aren't excited about the recent exchange rates, and that's understandable. But who expected that rate to last forever?

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