BOJ warns of sluggish export recovery

By Leika Kihara

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Anyone living in Japan knows what sort of economy it is-we don't need a warning from the magical money producing BOJ!

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BOJ's warning to Abenomics? Yeah but no blame game just release stimulus pack and calm will prevail for few months.

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"BOJ's warning to Abenomics?"

How is Abenomics to blame for weak demand in foreign markets? And the tax hike had already been agreed on by all the major parties, before Abe even entered the scene.

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Abenomics is a double edged sword. Exports won't pick up without a 120 yen/dollar. But then the voters will kick you out when gas/oil ratchet up even more. Can't drop interest rates any more. What's a silver spoon bureaucrat to do these days?

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How is Abenomics to blame for weak demand in foreign markets?

You have a point, but, Abenomics will not spur demand here in Japan. While it is true the tax hike had been in the works before he became PM, it is Abe who has implemented the tax increase.

The notion that the negative impact of the tax hike will "subside" is farcical. The tax will be at 10% in October 2015, and may well be raised again in the years to come.

There have been no reductions in taxes on property, fuel, and income. So, there's nothing to mitigate the negative impact of the tax hike. Working people's incomes will remain stagnant, and won't be able to create the demand needed to make the sale tax hike work.

Lower demand is means domestic business will suffer. Their costs have been increased by the tax hike, and it's discouraging robust consumer spending.

The recovery exists only in the minds of Abenomics economists.

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"The recovery exists only in the minds of Abenomics economists."

There would have been a decent recovery if not for the tax hike. Abenomics stimulated and then grew the economy. The tax hike, which removed our purchasing power, then stepped in and ruined it.

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