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Tesla CEO Musk world's wealthiest person


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The next project From Elon Musk, named Starlink has the potential to connect us all to the internet wherever we might be in the planet

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"If a team has been winning for too long, they do tend to get a little complacent, a little entitled, and then they don't win the championship anymore," Musk said at a conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal. "California has been winning for a long time... and they are taking it for granted."

The mirror might be telling you the same thing.

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But it is the workers who do all the work. Why does he get all the money?

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gokai_wo_manekuToday  11:16 am JST

But it is the workers who do all the work. Why does he get all the money?

With an average Teslasalary being around 79k and SpaceX around 68k, I don't think that he is getting "all" the money. I would attribute this well-deserved position to the initial bet and investment into the developing internet technologies back in 2000s and that compounding. He also got lucky in the early stages on SpaceX and has known how to manage his companies well.

Congrats to the future emperor of mankind.

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What's it he doesn't like about California that Texas has?

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Like- Elon Musk is a fan of Iain Banks Culture series and is developing a BMI like the neural mesh in the series.

Dislike- He didn't actually found Tesla, just bought it out and got his start by his parent's blood emerald business in Zambia.

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Amazing story and Musk is certainly a visionary.

However, Tesla is now valued at absurd levels. It has a market cap of 780 billion while Toyota's cap is around 210 billion.

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In couple more years, run for Senate against Ted Cruz

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