Brazil seeking Japan's help in offshore oil project


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Brazil may just get cost estimate and place order with China (!)

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Good for them if they use Japanese technology.....not the C.

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Unfortunately, Japan has very little special "technology" for FPSOs and FDPSOs as well as subsea systems etc. The reason the Brizillians are talking to the Japanese is because they have reneged on payjments to all the experts in the field and are getting down to their last resort.

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brazill very good idea this what african must think of japan help in oil to help fix the economic like brazil

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techallJul. 21, 2014 - 03:18PM JST Unfortunately, Japan has very little special "technology" for FPSOs and FDPSOs as well as subsea systems etc.

Where do you get this kind of information? Japan has been building platforms for decades ahead of South Korea and China. Japan has been the only experienced builder apart from the Norwegians and Swedes. IHI had a shipyard in Brazil as far back as the 1970s.

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I am in the oil and gas industry and have been for 40 years. Right now I'm in Nowray building subsea connection systems. Two major Norwegian companies (that I personally know) pulled out of Brazillian contracts for default. The Japanese used to build jack-up rigs but that was long ago. IHI also used to own one of the Kepple yards in Singapore (called the Robin yard - now Kepple Benoi yard). FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) platforms are mostly built in South Korea and Southeast Asia (Engineering mostly done in Europe). I build the first ever FDPSO (and FPSO with a drilling rig on it.) in Singapore. Believe me, every time a company signs a LOA or contract with Brazil it's big news until the work actually starts.

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Techall aren't FSPOs most converted from older VLCCs? Are they actually built from scratch?

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Both, there are some conversions and some new builds.

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Brazil plans to use Japanese technology in building a floating structure and ships for its huge offshore oil development project, media reports said Sunday


Brazil wants Japanese technology. What's got do with China and other countries????

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Good! Japan and Brazil lost economic cooperation in the 70's and I think it is time to create ties since Japanese community in Brazil is 2000000!

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Major Japanese shipbuilders, such as IHI and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, are proposing to build large floating platforms, Nikkei said.

It added that the semi-governmental Japan International Cooperation Agency had plans to partner with Japanese shipbuilders to train Brazilian specialists in shipbuilding technologies.


Both Ishikawajima HI and Mtsubishi HI have funds and experience for so many years. By getting JICA as partners, Japan is willing to let Brazil ship malers grow. Hopefully Japan can secure Brazilian oil flow to Japan easily?

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