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Brewer Asahi says it won't bid for SABMiller's East Europe assets

By Taiga Uranaka and Ritsuko Shimizu

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Asahi should concentrate on its home market, which is not very sophisticated. Apart from a handful of local beers and the nonsensical sale of Carlsberg lager as a premium beer the big companies have it wrapped up with the same stuff just in different cans. In places like the UK, with over a 1000 breweries, people even turn against a small producer once it is gobbled up by a big one (Meantime is a good example) and the days of tasteless, big company beer seem to be receding. Thank god.

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No. Moonraker, Asahi should expand abroad. The Japanese beer market, though unsophisticated is in deep decline. Any company here that wants a future needs foreign expansion.

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Asahi and E Europe is a recipe for them to lose money.

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What I am saying, elkarlo, perhaps facetiously, is that Asahi may get its fingers burned. Sophisticated markets won't want their bland products and if they buy up small breweries people may turn away. The realisation is dawning that big beer is bad beer. As it is, Grolsch and Peroni are at a similar level of blandness as Asahi.

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