Budget airline Zipair starts Tokyo-Seoul passenger service despite pandemic


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I hope it does well. But the timing of its launch could not have been worse, it must be said.

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Bad timing, but maybe they had no choice. On the bright side, of they can survive in this environment, they will certainly thrive when things get better.

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Bad timing, but maybe they had no choice.

Did you read the article? It's JAL subsidary. Essentially a nationalized company. Of course they had a choice.

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And this on the same day that there’s also an article on opinions of South Koreans on Japanese being at a record low

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So, it is bleeding money from the first takeoff!

Not a good business model!

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Tourism is basically zero so other than ‘our taxes’ or zero interest bank loans, how can this loss making business survive?

This is no more than theft which has no penalty as Zipair will continue sucking money in and accumulating bad debts which will be written off in a bankruptcy filing, sometime next year.

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The good news is, they can put 40 tons of cargo on the 787.

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Not a good business model!

That doesn't matter. It was decided months ago.

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Budget is in the survival game. And any economy class is a business class these days.

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I’ve seen many Japanese companies move forward with bad business deals because once senior management signs off, almost nothing on earth can reverse that decision. I’m guessing that this is the case here, and probably a few futile attempts were made by middle management but were shot down.

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