Bulbous Cell media group to launch China Daily Asia Weekly in Tokyo


A brand new tabloid will hit the shelves in Tokyo on Feb 18. China Daily Asia Weekly is a 24-page newspaper covering topical issues from across China and the Asia-Pacific region in English.

“China Daily Asia Weekly's selection of Bulbous Cell Media Group KK (BC Media Group) as their partner in Japan over much bigger Japanese media competitors is a clear vote of confidence in our people and our systems, as well as our ability to deliver innovative solutions in a turbulent sector,” said BC Media Group Chairman Ray Pedersen.

The paper will feature regional news, business, opinion and culture from journalists across the Asia-Pacific region with exclusive content focusing on world's fastest growing economy: China. The introduction of the paper will give readers in Japan greater insight into the development of China and Asia.

Complimentary issues of China Daily Asia Weekly will be available for a two-month period in Tokyo at bookstores, hotels, banks, embassies, international schools, universities, airports and international corporate headquarters.

“We embrace the opportunity to deliver a fresh quality news perspective from the world's leading power to our audience in Japan. The China Daily Asia Weekly fits well with our strategy of growth,” Pedersen said.

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Better be free because who the heck buys newspapers anymore. So China is the world's leading power now? Maybe in terms of fraud and corruption.

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Good points Ultradude ! I am also wondering how accurate the reporting will be @ what is going on in China . . . . there seems to be a chronic "Truth-Lockdown" in that country !!!

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Yeah, right, I bet it'll only be China good news and nothing about the famine and droughts that's going on here at the moment. Their reporters should come out here to the hinterlands of China where I live and truly see what's going on instead of reporting what luxury brands city Chinese are into now. They should report on the amount of everyday nonsense and stupidity that goes on in China because of their crappy education and lack of common sense. Anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together here can set up a factory making cheap stuff while ripping off their workers to get rich and buy houses and imported luxuries while more than half their countrymen/women live in abject poverty. This is not a rant against China. I just tell it as it is without the pretty propaganda.

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I read it in Hong Kong, that's a great and informative newspaper. Being from Japan myself, I'm quite excited that it's being distributed in Tokyo now.

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My conclusion is that although certain papers have different target audiences and have different formats and styles, in the end, there isn't a tremendous difference in quality. But China Daily / Asia Weekly is the exception: this paper is excellent.

Most news sources in the world have the same structure of trying to make as much money as possible while under intense political and ideological restraints. Essentially, no matter what paper you read, you have to shift through the vast amounts of propaganda, wire agency reports (often via Xinhua), and the tabloid stuff to find the really good nuggets of gold that may be hidden in some obscure place in the newspaper. However, China Daily is the exception.

I am so excited that the China Daily is coming to Japan!

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I do not completely agree with you. Yes, Chinese press might often concentrate on 'beautiful China', but it is not the case for China Daily Asia Weekly. I have found this China Daily Asia Weekly article on line (I cannot post links here, but do a search on google for cdasiaweekly20110128p02) and you can see that they do tend to reach all type of readers which does not seem to depend on their social class. They also talk about news in the whole APAC region and not about China only.

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Good to know, do they have an online version? In English?

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Checked the China Daily site, looks decent and they have an iPhone app. Who needs to pay for delivery? If they want to charge for a physical paper after a 2 months trial....good luck.

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China Daily is published by a PRC state-owned enterprise - in other words the government. I'm curious whether China would let Japan or anyone else distribute government "information" in China? The answer is obvious.

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