Burger King plans big expansion in China


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Whatever industries are, every companies have been focusing on China for long time. But recently, somehow, the outlook is changing... meaning Africa and Middle Ease has emerged as new target where you can expect further growth. When you look at Japanese companies, I think no companies are looking for both market. Every body devalue such market.

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Guess they realized Japan is a sinking ship and decided not to bother to push the reopen further. Just not worth the overhead and the headaches.

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Poor Chinese, maybe it will make them feel rich eating hamburgers. Hopefully they will realize soon the richness of their own cuisine.

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Lucky Chinese!

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Poor Chinese, maybe it will make them feel rich eating hamburgers

What, so the Japanese feel rich when they eat western junk food, too? I don't see the logic here. All I see is another company help bring obesity to a developing country.

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No, Pukey2, the Japanese feel the American dream, and being different from other Asian countries esp. China and therefore 'westernized'. The Chinese, longing to be rich, see in those burgers all the Americans living a luxurious and free lifestyle.

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yeah....but who will ensure what goes into the food at a Burger King in China? Remember the milk and gyouza scandals in china a while back?

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