Business leaders urge swift response to Brexit worries


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Different players will be looking for opportunities, and rightly so, in this crisis.

UK government might be best advised to weigh short-term party political expedience against the long-term economic ramifications of suddenly being a less attractive, less safe place to invest.

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Not to mention all the EU citizens (not as many as Brexit would have wanted Britons to believe, only 5.3% of the population really - not insignificant - but still only 1 in 20 of the people in the UK) whose lives are on hold for however many years this thing drags out.

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Why in the world would anyone have faith in a financial system that's so fragile that it almost collapses when the tiny islands of Greece have trouble or the UK decides to pull out of the EU?

The foundation of the EU and the global financial system is about as stable as high rise house of cards!

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It looks like a legal challenge is being mounted to stop article 50 being triggered without an act of parliment. . Brexit the gift that keeps on giving.

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This has been a massive decision to leave the EU, why has it got to be undertaken instantly? when people run into situations like this and they are rushed, unplanned knee jerk reactions, there are always problems with this that they have forgotten about, ramifications from those wrong decisions, its going to take two years or more to leave properly, why has it got to be done over night? just be because we've entered an time of uncertainty and the financial markets which makes them a bit volatile, we need to get the two new leaders in place, we need to go forward slowly and get those decisions right. And this will stabilise the financial markets. My brother has come up with a good point, and that is there is/are legal obligation and process to go through and non of these have been done so far, It begs the question if the EU say to the UK, "go tomorrow" we can't and i we do, are the barristers going to rub there hands when this huge legal battle ensues? we've got to negotiate terms of our leaving, trade policies have to be drawn up and agreed to, we can't just leave and then sort stuff out latter, it has to be done before we leave, if not we won't have any say in these new polices as we won't have any say in the matter. personal leaving the EU is one of this countries BIGGEST mistakes its ever made in history. what a mess were in.

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I wonder which undemocratic millionaires are behind it. They are too embarrassed to go public.

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Dogz All it means is that the whole situation will be dragged out even longer before its triggered. At the moment they are just trying to find some wriggle room but they have little to none as the vote was so clear it was stay or leave , leave won so it should have already been triggered.

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Financial movers and shakers

Hehe. Aka the Illuminati or similar.

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It seems nobody in the UK knows what to do next. What kind of a planning is that? Was there any planning at all in advance? With two options, there should be two plans.Is it just a vanity fair?

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Remain did not expect to lose and Leave did not expect to win so no one had a plan B. What appears to have been the raison d'etre in the Leave leadership for all but Farage was to put up a good show and put pressure on Dodgy Dave to get a better deal.Unfortunately once they won its headless chicken time for all sides as they try to work out how to avoid triggering article 50.

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Spoke to many people who do business understand politics, etc and they as one voice said that Brexit is NOT on the Books.

The referendum was a political ploy by Cameron to other government members.

Sorry, for the Leave posters but you been played by your government.

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Like Its me says, It is begin to look like red herring. Cameron and Johnson are like 2 peas in a pod for 1 and huge amounts of money have been made from this farce. Just wonder if the British people (im one) will swallow a no vote by westmintster or will the riot? If i recall correctly a government should act on behalf of the people but i guess those day are long gone..... We shall see.

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The UK will leave the EU. I personally am disappointed and I question if the outcome truly is democratic as the main platforms of the leave camp were lies (it only took a couple of hours for them to start unravelling) and the media (especially the BBC - well the Murdoch media was actively stoking the xenophobia but that has been known for years) was a spineless chicken as they did not challenge any assumptions by the leave camp (you can make trade deals? With whom? why are they going to spend time and money with a 64M person market rather than on a 440 M person market? You can have your cake and eat does that work? Why will the EU allow that?). However, the contenders to replace the PM have taken the position that it was a legitimate vote so there is no going back (and with the fixed terms Parliament act it is harder to dissolve parliament, especially with a majority).

The challenge really is at what point (and how), is it made clear that they cannot be in the single market? Or that they have to accept freedom of movement? But not both....

Personally, a politician who would have the courage to challenge the assumption that immigration is bad could address the problem by showing how the UK would be in deeper problems without immigration, but no one of that calibre is in sight. And even then, there would still be anger as to be in the EEA the UK would still have to pay into the EU budget (an even larger amount than now - i.e., then they would really be paying the 350M as there would be no rebate).

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Brexit won't happen as they rely too much on imports.

Local friend works for a company who exports their products to the UK. They are not worried .

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@ Its me

I agree, spoke to some friends back home who work in the City last night one said and i quote "smoke and mirrors". On a side note i just brought more pounds my wife and inlaws here think im off my rocker, it may be so.

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