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Business leaders want structural reform, innovation to move Japan forward


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Get less pay, work more, welcome to Japan

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The innovation needs to come from economic strategies, not the same old recycled and failed strategies from the bubble era.

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maintaining the international economic order

I read this as meaning; Don't let China take the lead.

Sorry, that ship has flown.


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In other words, we really want nothing to change, please cover up your governance issues better

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The Ghosn debacle reeks of structural inadequacies.

There is no way any quality execs now view Japan as a destination.

I personally do not this expression but "good luck with that".

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This needs some emphasis:

There is no way any quality execs now view Japan as a destination!!!

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For a country with no oil;anyone would figure that the Japanese government would be all out to capitalize on new tech by getting reforms through in a major way but they are not....

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how about getting rid of the amount of cheap junk sold in shops such as the one on the photo and reivigorate the renewable energy industry in this country which would geneuinely be good for society, the economy, and most importantly (with a little sarcasm) Japan's image.

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The post WWII central planning government - private sector “relationship” needs to change (it won’t, it is too ingrained). The private sector asks the government, in particular METI, their blessing / permission / opinion on pretty much anything that counts. I believe this is why this model failed once the good times are past, ie, when the population growth took care of most economic woes.

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Benefit corporations more and take away from workers more. Sad

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productivity needs to be improved through the use of new technologies

Well, you can start with getting rid of fax machines, update your companies software and network systems to modern standards and uhh, get computer literate.

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I notice the same thing.

Too many many old guys exploiting their juniors.

Japan needs to get rid of the dead wood.....

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Ironic how they call for structural reforms in the same article as is noted the more complicated tax system coming our way this October because of the silly move to introduce different tax rates for things like popcorn, depending on whether you eat it in a cinema, versus at a Karaoke joint...

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