Businesses say Hong Kong quarantine threatens financial hub status


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Same for Singapore. I have friends and colleagues in both who have decided to pack up and go back to UK and Europe because of the restrictions

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Time to move on. Covid will never be removed... so get over it and live with it!

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China threatens Hong Kong as a Financial Hub, not the quarantine.

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Is not gonna open up. HK is the gateway to china and as long china still fears the covid, they will never allow hk too much freedom. Is because the chinese homegrown vaccines has low efficiency and it's also losing it effect when more time pass and create a need for constant booster shots. So if hk get hit by covid, the mainland would follow considering how close they are. As long the government fear the virus taking hold in the mainland, they will never relax the rules.

HK better settle in for the long ride and ain't gonna relax it rules anytime soon. Especially not when china is preparing for the winter olympic.

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because Hong Kong put people’s lives above economic development and Hong Kong knows as long as it operates as the gate way of the Chinese mainland and the the mainland keeps its robust economy business opportunities will come back to Hong Kong.

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It's merely a matter of time that Hong Kong will go down anyway because China will completely ruin it to uplift Shanghai as the better replacement.

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i've reading hearing this for awhile now - Hong Kong losing its financial hub status... What i really want to know is how is Tokyo going to take advantage this? how about some attractive tax schemes to attract the hedge funds + other asset managers and investment banks to move their business over here?

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No company will publicly say China involvement threatens HK as a hub because they want to invest in China so they have to keep the Chinese happy, but secretly they are gradually backing away from HK

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Quarantine doesn’t affect Hong Kong as much as the Draconian Chinese authorities…

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maintains some of the strictest quarantine rules in the world, an approach that has kept virus cases low but left most residents cut off from the rest of the world for the past 18 months.

Keeping the official figures low while cutting the residents off from the outside world.


Last week, the authorities announced that a brief flirtation with relaxing some of these rules had to be scrapped


high-risk countries have to stay in hotel quarantine for 21 days, while for lower-risk countries that drops to seven days followed by another seven days of self-monitoring.

21 days is longer than other countries, but China monitoring of the hotels "guests" may be better than other countries. Where ones have caught the virus during their quarantine stay.

The self-monitoring probably means installing China Tract & Trace (and Spy) software on electronic devices.


With only 45 percent of the population fully inoculated, the city has one of the lowest take-up rates in the developed world, despite securing more than enough jabs for the whole population


Maybe they would be more take-up if they were using a vaccine with a higher than 50 % working rate and from a country that the locals could trust.


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The threat to Hong Kong as a financial hub is not the virus that originated in Wuhan but the oppression that originated in Beijing!

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With only 45 percent of the population fully inoculated, the city has one of the lowest take-up rates in the developed world, despite securing more than enough jabs for the whole population.

@Azzprin, yes, there is wide distrust of anything made in mainland China, including its vaccines.

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Interesting story, obviously the shadow off the CCP over Hong Kong strikes one as the biggest problem, but otherwise the story looks a lot like that of the antipodeans in Australia and New Zealand. And how Amazon ditched filming there recently due to these sorts of heavy handed quarantine measures.

Full marks to these low tolerance places for saving lives last year, but they are losing marks now by not more aggressively transitioning to a next stage. Remember last year when there was the initial talk of flattening the curve? There was a reason for that, it was for buying time. Time was bought, but it seems like last years winners are this years losers as the world moves in to the next stages of the pandemic.

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Singapore is replacing HK. Time to up sticks before the CCP find another more direct way to scare Westerners away.

The next stage of the pandemic is living with covid as we do with hepatitis. That means opening borders to vaccinated people (and those with medical exemptions who have tested negative and have insurance).

Countries that remain closed and isolate themselves will be subjecting themselves to a variant of Brexit.

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This latest upgrade in quarantine rules was prompted by a domestic worker who was found to be positive even after testing negative after arriving at the airport and having been vaccinated. Scientists have concluded that she most likely caught the virus in the quarantine hotel, and when her employers opened their hotel doors they didn't close their windows, allowing the viruses in their room to come out into the corridors. The problem was the hotel, and yet the government takes it out on the ordinary people.

Whether you like HK or not, it is the home and place of residence to many people and they need to go in and out of the place.

But, as I said before, no matter how strict the quarantine rules are, and they are, HK has NEVER banned residents from returning, unlike Japan.

A big problem is that many HKers are scared of getting the vaccine, not because of stupid conspiracy theories you hear in the west, but because there were earlier reports of a few deaths after some people had the jab (never mind the fact that people die of old age or other underlying health conditions). They are nowhere near herd immunity. They got off to a good quick start, but now even Japan is catching up - it's that bad!

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