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California now world's 5th largest economy, surpassing UK


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It also reflects a substantial turnaround since the Great Recession.

Really? Because I saw this, and I was literally shocked:


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That’s some achievement considering the population difference between the UK and Cali, implying extremely high productivity.

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see California isnt the insignificant state that many conservatives would like to believe.

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I'm in San Jose now. That California could achieve this success without massive immigration is clear to everyone impossible. And the variety and density of nationalities in this town is what gives it its spice. Sure, problems exist, but the extant zeitgeist is that they'll take their problems over anyone else's. I'm having fun here!

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Looks like California would fair pretty well as it's own country. I wonder where New York stands.

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State is run totally by Democrats after the massive failure of the Terminator as governor. If red states want to duplicate the success of California's booming economy then they need to dump the republican who are leading them to economic doom. Like Kansas, that massive failure. Or Louisiana, that massive failure. It is that simple, want a great economy, dump the republicans who are in the pockets of the coal and oil industries and put in the people who can make the economy grow. Look at the bottom ten states

in terms of economic growth and all of them, every single one of them, are controlled by republicans and most of the time 100% controlled.

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@ Alex80

Many, if not most, Americans probably don't like to see this kind of footage because it could be a possible destination for many who still have a job and a roof above their heads.

The social democratic parties in Western EU countries are almost swept away but the social safety net, although more sober, is still intact and even backed by conservative minded people as everyone is aware that it provides social rest and lower crime figures.

The poor in the new Eastern territories are poor within family structures with EU billions and investment streaming into their environments and the lime sniffing kids living in the Bucharest sewer system, as we saw after the fall of Nicolae Ceaușescu, disappeared.

In one of our poorest member states, Greece, still under receivership, some people face extreme poverty but still with government backup and within the family structure.

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cracaphat May 5  12:33 pm JST

The decline in "Great" as in Britain is real and will further accelerate with the upcoming Brexit.God save the Queen.

I admit that I made some fun about the Brexiteers in The Guardian but I feel sorry for the 48% who voted for Remain with among them 60% of the younger generations.

The economy of my home town is getting a boost of fin tech firms coming over from London as well as a EU institution with the complete staff. The UK tourists already toned down. We can have some malicious pleasure about the situation but I think every person deserves a good life in a thriving economy no matter where he/she lives.

The Queen is already saved :)

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