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Canada to start 30-day consultation to impose surtax on Chinese electric vehicles


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This is an excellent way to protect your own industry. If you are in a dominant position, preach the principles of free markets and advocate free markets all around the world.

If you are not in a dominant position, like the EV market, then it you must place tariffs on your competitors. Every country should do this to level the playing field, then see who comes out on top.

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Good for Canada. All democratic, freedom-loving nations should follow suit and make these Chinese-made EVs cripplingly expensive with surtaxes. Base model should cost minimum CAD $100,000.

China is dumping them all over the world at less than cost price with the aim of destroying domestic auto manufacturing industries.

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The Trump Tariffs and Trade War may have been designed to be a missile aimed at Beijing, but they've not only landed squarely in Detroit, but also have pushed the Chinese to circumvent tariffs by building factories in Mexico, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Southeast Asia.

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I hope our far-right friends wave their finger at their hero Elon Musk also - who builds Teslas in China that he then sells in North America...


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The tax on imports should be tailored based on the subsidies any foreign govt provides to the industry. That goes for all products - cars, steel, milk, grain, and their should be a "dictator" tax added when parts from dictators are included in the product being imported. Add in the forced-labor tax too.

On the side of every car sold from China, where they list the costs ....


Destination Charge

Undercoat Charge

Dictator Tax

Forced Labor / Human Rights Tax

Foreign Govt Subsidies Tax

Canadian Tax, Tag, Title Charge

Again, the source of the imported products shouldn't matter. Craft a law that allows quick, flexible, action as a response to unfair trade that doesn't follow our basic moral code.

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So, 30 days for the ccp to bribe & buy Canadian politicians to rule in the ccp's favor.

It shouldn't take this long. 30 mins is all it takes.

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