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Canon downgrades full-year profit, sales forecasts on China, yen


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A strong yen makes products more expensive in overseas markets and erodes the value of repatriated earnings.

Everybody see this copy-and-paste Abe/Kuroda propaganda popping up in various articles now?

A strong yen also makes it really easy for Japanese makers to source imported products, to ship their products, to attract the most talented and educated employees to work for them, and for Japanese consumers to buy anything they desire.

Yet somehow this view doesn't get much play in these news articles.

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Their constant "tip-toeing" on their cameras (especially their DSLRs) when it comes to modern features is partly to blame. Pros and enthusiasts are being turned off by it and are migrating to Nikon and Sony.

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All their lenses are far too expensive besides the fact that only serious hobbyists and professionals buy their DSLR cameras, the majority are happy with their mobile phone cameras!

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