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Cars and dolls for all: Spain tackles toy gender bias


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Critical issue. Well done Spain for tackling this threat to humanity

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So because 7% of people have more complex gender considerations, 93% of the people need to be impacted. Good to know.

I played with dolls as a kid, but I also played with plastic army men, cheap matchbox cars without any track, Lincoln logs and an erector set. My parents didn't seem worried about gender issues, though I suppose Dad would have freaked out a bit if I were gay. Mom would have explained the choice, but left it up to me. They didn't encourage either. Mom always said, "you are special, just like everyone else."

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"toys" is a pretty strange concept allround, my view..... left uprogrammed, kids will play with anything and everything.... exploring.

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Poor children. What comes next, punishing or beating dead the little girls and boys if they naturally choose a puppet or a toy car respectively? The parents shouldn’t intercept that normal process and instead let them freely decide themselves which kind of toys they want to play with. There’s absolutely no need to regulate also that, because the children also in practice will sometimes play with the others’ gender toys, but only most of the time and not all the time return to their preferred ones.

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It's a solid concept, but social media pressure would have sorted this out without spending a Euro of public money. Money that should be helping with food and energy costs for the poorest. Spain has 40,000 homeless people. Spend public money on supporting people, not trying to manipulate them. An official statement encouraging it would have been enough, and cost zip.

quote: When a grandfather says he doesn't want a cooker because he's buying for a boy.

This way out of the Dark Ages, Spain. As a boy, I owned one of those toy ovens in the 1970s. I wasn't given it to manipulate my sense of identity - I asked for it. It came with sachets of stuff. Add water, put it in the plastic oven, and after a bit you got a little edible cake. Cake: what's not to like? I also had a spud gun and would use it on anyone who tried to nab my cake.

Life skill education was already losing gendering in the 80s. My 1980s schooling included cookery (more food - yay) and needlework (much blood loss, but I still have the cushion and can sew buttons on) as well as metalwork (several brushes with death). However rubbish people might have been at maths or geography, we all hit 16 knowing the basics of cookery. It's not about gender. If you are an adult and can't cook for yourself, and you have no developmental disability to excuse it, then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and sort yourself out.

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I remember this short film from the early 70s called 'Free To Be You and Me' which had several short skits. One of them had a boy Billy who wanted a baby doll so he could change its diapers, 'feed it', 'cuz he's gonna be a daddy someday'. Alright then. Uh-huh. And sometimes boys and girls do play 'parenting' games together.

With all the crazy economic and other unrest going on in Spain, don't their government have other things to do than this? And toy makers need to just let things be. Let the chips fall where they will with the changing times and they are changing. But some things will always be 'masculine' and 'feminine' in some sort of way, biologically if nothing else. Quit shoving this 'gender-neutral' jive, maybe some planets have asexual Ziggy Stardust beings inhabiting them but the Earth ain't one of them.

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