Cars without drivers scoot around Nissan plant, towing cars


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But one vehicle ran into trouble, refused to move and was not able to take part in the demonstration.

Like a Dalek at the top of the stairs.

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But one vehicle ran into trouble, refused to move and was not able to take part in the demonstration.

While stating on speakers "it does not compute" !!!

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I can understand the good of this technology for handicap people but come on. IT is already making people lose the ability to think for themselves and people are losing their jobs to it. We are creating a world of dummies that can't do anything without googling it first. We all know computers crash. (Pun intended) Let's not put one behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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Love my robot house cleaners. They can't kill anybody, don't destroy the environment or disadvantage other citizens. Driverless cars are the most stupid thing. How about to invent a train, with just one driver for hundreds of people?

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Insurance will be a tricky thing when on public roads. In an accident, the car, and therefore, the manufacturer may well be culpable, if it is a systems fault. Will the manufacturer wear the responsibility.?

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Like a Dalek at the top of the stairs.

Daleks can hover ;)

The breakdown thing is a bit of a worry. If this tech is transferred to cargo carrying vehicles like lorries or vans then without a driver to take action the vehicle could just stop dead in traffic. I love the idea of driverless vehicles, but I think there's still a lot to work out.

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Of course it's impossible to think of every contingency but I believe that it's very possible to plan for driveless cars and also plan for emergency actions in case of failures. I don't think insurance will be that difficult to sort out. In fact, I believe that the percent of errors will be miniscule compared to that of human error which will cause insurance rates to plummet. A simple scenario might be that the owner of the car is responsible for what happens and if there is an accident, it will come out of the owners insurance. However, if it turns out that it was a design flaw, then of course the manufacturer could be liable. That's always been the case anyway.

With elderly people on the rise world wide, how could this not be a better thing than some octogenarian getting behind the wheel?

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