Cathay Pacific CEO suddenly resigns

By Jerome Taylor and Elaine Yu

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So much for the right to express your views! As long as they are not protesting while representing the airline (e.g while in uniform etc) then who cares what they do in their private time.

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Cathay moved into damage limitation mode, firing four members of staff associated with the protests

It would be very hypocritical for progressive posters to take issue with these developments. After all, "freedom of speech isn't freedom from consequences" as they like to say. Only government actions count as censorship, anything else is fair game. Those employees doxxed and fired for exercising their freedom of speech in favor of democracy? Consequences, not censorship!

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Well if a foreign government threatened the integrity of a private companies management, it means the foreign government feel they are the CEO so cannot do your job. I view this resignation as a protest against interference by Beijing.

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He didn’t just resign. He was fired.

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He'll get a good package.

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Most likely he supported the employees and didnt want to reprimand them, so he departed instead.

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Most likely he supported the employees and didnt want to reprimand them, so he departed instead.

Personal data of 20% of passengers affecting 9.4 million passengers leaked but waited 7 months after discovery to report. There are laws requiring companies to declare data leaks within days.  Personal information including passport numbers, identity card numbers, email addresses and credit card details were accessed during the data leak. Then they closed down for a few days affecting 100% of their passengers.

Hogg’s salary is about $1.17 million dollars a year. He didn’t want to reprimand a few employees who protested and just walked away?

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China is the biggest bully in Asia. Even with the slightest opposition, they will make your business suffer. Unless the businesses say we boycott China, nothing will change.

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When you resign, you forfeit any package since you are breaking the terms of the contract that you signed. You will of course be able to keep those share options until they vest, but other future perks will be gone.

If he was pushed / let go, then a package would be provided.

In this case, his resignation does appear poorly timed with certain events, and comments against the Airline coming from the mainland. You can draw your own conclusion as to the reasons for his resignation. However ti comes at a time that CP is experiencing a slump in sales due to the HK disruptions, so further bad news may be forthcoming.

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Who would like to be bullied as head of a company ?

Also, you can see democracy functioning for a country when there is a separation and consideration between work and personal activities.

CEO was right to leave as surely he did not want to be the bully enforcer, although Cathay can claim they fired him.

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This is abominable!

Pressure is being put upon private companies to interfere in the political beliefs of their staff.

Hong Kong people be strong!

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