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Strong yen batters business confidence in Japan

By Tomoko Hosaka

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Just extend endless guarantees to Greece, and you can enjoy a trashed currency like the Eurozone :-)

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Everything strong in Japan is weakening Japan's confidence i.e Strong (Yen, Earthquake, Tsunami, Radiation, Deflation...) so what's the solution Japan is looking for? Weak/weaker/weakest Yen.

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Is it just the strong yen, or does it also have to do with Japan's extremely poor corporate governance?

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Give every Japanese citizen 100,000 yen to spend. Higher inflation, weaker currency. xDD Nya! Give me money, nya.

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I wanna know why other countries that use a more valuable currency like the EURO (ie GERMANY and its exports), the british pound and finally the US dollar for the past 20 years (and the US definitely exports as much or more than japan) never ever read those complaints. Or is it just a few rich japanese crying because they have no clue as to what to do when the UNEXPECTED/change happens. Go cry somewhere else. Keep rising yen!!

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Strong yen batters business confidence in Japan

So should we call it a Tempura Currency :)

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Strong yen is most definitely killing it and has for some time. Devalue the damn thing one way or the other or have no manufacturing base left.

Export has been the engine of this economy for decades.

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" Strong yen is most definitely killing it and has for some time. "

Simplistic view. Strong yen also means cheap raw materials and cheap semi-finished products. In effect, a strong currency is the reward for a strong economy and a natural relief valve against one-sided trade patterns.

Keeping your currency articially cheap leads to fake booms of the sort that Germany now experiences with the Euro which is way too weak for Germany (and way too strong for Greece). You really don´t want to go there.

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