Ceremony held to mark completion of Ginza Six complex

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The Ginza 6-10 District Urban Redevelopment Partnership announced Wednesday that it held a ceremony at the new Ginza Six mixed-use complex to mark the completion of construction on Jan 31.

Ginza Six opened its doors to office-space tenants on Wednesday, and on April 20 it will open the newest and largest retail area in Tokyo’s premier shopping district, plus the Kanze Noh Theater for noh musical drama, one of Japan’s most revered traditional stage arts.

Ginza Six stands on 1.4 hectares of space comprising two city blocks, including the former site of Matsuzakaya Ginza department store and adjacent land. The building was completed unusually fast for a redevelopment project, beginning with the design finalization in December 2011 and the commencement of construction in April 2014. The new building, which measures 115 meters (width) by 100 meters (height), comprises 148,700 square meters of total floor area, including office floors each with 6,100 square meters, one of the largest in Tokyo’s 23 wards; 47,000 square meters of retail space with 241 retail outlets, unmatched in Ginza; and the Kanze Noh Theater.

The building, an important addition to disaster preparedness in the Ginza area, has its own emergency power-generating system and stockpiles of emergency supplies and provisions to accommodate up to 3,000 people in the event of a major disaster. Also, a tourist information center and a terminal for tour buses, as well as easy connections to public transport and roadways, will provide special conveniences and hospitality for visitors from around the world. Ginza Six will also offer the largest rooftop garden in Ginza.

The ground opening of Ginza Six and the Kanze Noh Theater on April 20 will mark an important step forward in Tokyo’s ongoing evolution. Ginza Six, so named as a unique “6-star” facility inspired by the pride and history of Tokyo’s one and only Ginza, will become a new magnetic power of Ginza district, and contribute to the overall competitiveness of Tokyo.

Speaking at the ceremony, Shingo Tsuji, President and CEO of Mori Building Co Ltd, said: "Ginza is a unique location, and it has been an honor to have been entrusted with such a large-scale redevelopment project right in the middle of this historic area. At Mori Building, we felt that if our participation in this project did not succeed in bringing new value to the Ginza area, strengthening its magnetic power and making it a more attractive place, we would have somehow failed in our mission. This helped to propel our efforts and helped us to advance the project in consultation with all relevant parties.

"As a result, rather than merely rebuilding the Matsuzakaya Ginza department store, we were able to redevelop two whole city blocks, and the Ginza Six mixed-use complex, the largest such facility in Ginza, was born.

"In addition to this project being the first of its kind in Ginza’s several hundred-year history, we were able to achieve the redevelopment with unprecedented speed and reach this day, thanks to the cooperation and support of all those involved."

Tsuji said the complex is being completed at a perfect time, with the eyes of the world turning to Tokyo in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

"Ginza Six also offers a safe, comfortable network for pedestrians, the largest rooftop garden in Ginza, a bus terminal and a tourist information center, all of which have been eagerly anticipated by the people of Ginza. In addition to acting as a gateway for guests from Japan and abroad, Ginza Six will function as an emergency support facility in the event of a disaster, helping to protect the safety of not only guests in the complex but also of other visitors to the town, thereby contributing to the safety and security of the Ginza area."

He added, "The soul of this complex is yet to come. The name 'Ginza Six' was selected to incorporate our aim to go beyond 5-stars and become a 6-star facility, expressing our pride and determination to create something that brings new value to Ginza while blending in with its surroundings and inheriting its rich history and innovative spirit."

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Am waiting to stroll through this "six star" facility. Looks/sounds exciting so far ...

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