Chemical firm Ube Industries says data rigging possibly began in 1970s


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Yes those darn labour shortages that began in the 1970's! What a crock. They are the same as all the rest. The cut corners and now they finally got caught. But nothing will come of it, they will apologize return salary, and then the corporate culture will continue like nothing happened.

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So wait, roughly 40 years of lying and fabricating data... and you return 1 month's salary?

Nice gig, where can I get a cushy situation like that?

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Possibly started fabricated data in the 1970s, good lord can you trust anything in Japan? In six months the police will swoop like a tortoise. I shake my head at the ineptitude of it all.

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In six months the police will swoop like a tortoise. I shake my head at the ineptitude of it all.

Indeed...well, they do need to give the company enough time to get rid of most of the incriminating evidence ..those shredders are not that fast ya know.

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blaming its corporate culture

Ah yes, lauded by Western media during the Bubble, now revealed to have been based on fraud, lies and deception.

It's pure poison. Japan's corporate/salaryman culture has poisoned the country.

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So, for corporate fraud lasting nearly 50 years the president gives up one month salary as a penalty. I’m starting to understand why so many Japanese people keep their heads in the sand. They are too ashamed of all the fraud and intimidation in japan to show their faces.

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We are all like or not living in clown land. Years of false data little if any checks stop that frown. Really what can you do in the face of decades of blatant lies......again.

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Possibly? They don't know. Might as well say forever

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I would laugh if it wasn't so offensive. I lose more and more trust in corporate Japan every day. And they all get away with it so easily. Sickening

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How utterly un-surprising, this kind of thing is rampant here & here are some reasons why:

Govt over regulates everything(look at Air BnB), results in:

Excessive govt employees, funds taken from industry, excess paperwork, regulators who may or may not make the rounds to collect fudged documents from industry

Rinse & repeat with EVERYTHING

The result is massive govt, doing nothing, taking $!! Businesses doing nothing, faking paperwork


Toss in how bids a rigged, amakudari runs rampant & we end up where we are today.

There is more to this but you get the gist of it

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GW little bit bitter but true. Even working at a daycare school involves cooking the books. An international company doing the same no Suprise. The Suprise is 50 years of LYING.

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"Govt over regulates everything(look at Air BnB)...."

These operations were basically self-regulated, according to some of the details I've read. If the govt actively and routinely regulated these greedy industrial corporations, the problem wouldn't exist.

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"To take responsibility, President Yuzuru Yamamoto will return his entire salary for the month of June"

Oh my god!! That is FAR too severe a punishment for almost FIFTY years of data falsification, resulting in the endanderment of lives! How dare the public demand so much! And on top of that, to have to set up THEIR OWN investigative committee to "encourage" whistle-blowing and investigate cooking the books?? That is far too much. I mean, these guys are going above and beyond and suffering so much! Only in Japan are such severe punishments welcomed with humility and deep bows -- indicative of extreme and genuine remorse, and very serious committment to never repeating such mistakes in the future. And after only 50 years!

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I find this custom of Japanese politicians and managers choosing their own (derisory) punishments highly insulting.

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I think the posters here all pretty much nailed it. Nothing else to say except I agree.

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