China's economic growth weakens amid construction slowdown


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China has in the neighborhood of 40-50 million new housing units sitting unoccupied, enough housing for the entire population of Germany. There is a surplus of housing available and a declining population. The real estate development and construction booms are both over. That is a very big chunk of the Chinese GDP that is going away.

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Plus they have not yet resorted to printing money to try and "support" the economy. The housing boom will bust but it won't affect huge swathes of the economy.

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Boom turning to bust. Hang on, it is going to be a wild ride. We will see if it slides down the hill faster than it climbed it. China's brief time in the sun is over. Another failed state.

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CCP will not go down without a fight if they become a failed state.

They are spending 5x more then Japan. Brand new weapons new toys.

Getting Taiwan back would be a big boost for Xi and the CCP party if the economy slows down or have other issues to cover for.

Putin after Crimea got a similar boost. I believe for Xi that boost would be even bigger since Taiwan has been made in the holy grail of achievements for the party.

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