China's electric car sales slump, squeezing automakers


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How long do the EV batteries last? 5 years 10 years? How are they disposed of when their life is spent? Are they harmful for the environment?

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Apparently, it is very economical to recycle automotive batteries of all types.

On the subject of EVs, if the EVs in Beijing are charged up from coal-fired electric plants, it is not as good for the environment, and for the health of humans, as charging the vehicles from cleaner sources.

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sorry, by current technologies, pure EV is a marketing scam. The bubble has burst

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quercetumToday  08:06 am JST

they are nasty stuff and very difficult/expensive to recycle, some not at all

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sorry, by current technologies, pure EV is a marketing scam. The bubble has burst

As the proud owner of a gas guzzling Toyota 4Runner you win today's prize for most underrated comment.

But hey, Greta Thunberg owns an EV so it's all okay (just ignore all the plastic and junk in her car)... :)

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