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China's factory output, retail sales up in July but weaker than expected


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What happens when you lock industry and commerce and people down.

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Covid Zero will fracture the economy and wipe out companies like lockdowns did in Europe, but more extensively. The property market is on the edge of collapse, and could take regional banks and peoples' savings with it if the government cannot manage a soft landing that is looking increasingly difficult. Xi's communist purity quest is taking down major growth sectors and unevolving the Chinese economy. Together, that is even worse than Brexit. If Beijing tries to silence criticism with patriotism via conflict over Taiwan, it will just make things worse. I expect an increasing number of Chinese people have engaged safe mode and are looking to protect their cash any way they can.

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Surprisingly, Covid Zero 'can work' if companies are agile and adept, like Tesla.

Tesla Shanghai formulated a closed circuit workforce (similar to the Beijing Olympic) and managed to keep operating for more than half the Shanghai lock down period.

But I hear family times were sacrificed, ie partners weren't allowed to meet in person etc.

BTW, covid zero is not a policy, it's a necessary reaction because the CCP won't import western vaccines, waiting, wishing, for their own vaccines to become similarly effective. Until then, the only way to save lives is Covid Zero.

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