China's Q3 GDP growth slows to 6%; slowest in 27 years


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Trade policy should be attempted with a win-win goal. Trump sees trade in terms of good guys and bad guys. It doesn't work that way. The way he is waging a trade war is bad for both sides, and the rest of the world gets collateral damage.

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China grew at "only" 6%, while the US grew at less than 3%. Isn't it natural that as economies become larger, the growth rate becomes smaller? Still, 6% of something huge is also huge, and 3% of something huger is also even more huge.

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Beijing controls the economy. Most businesses in China are state run. A few years back they predicted 6% GDP and the number at quarter end was 6%. Whoever wrote article didn't do research.

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What is the ccpi (China communists party inflator)? I believe self reported numbers from China as much as I do the Tooth Fairy.

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Japan , pls leave China alone. It is time, Japan looks at it's own economy.

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