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China's Xi promises market opening as import fair begins


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lostrune2   Its apparently ancient Chinese wisdom and strategy to lull your allies into a sense of slumber then lie, betray and deceive your way victory and reign supreme. The Chinese hawks who run the show see it as an integral and vital part of their culture. There's a playbook.

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Remember those promises China made for the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

How did those pan out?


They would promise anything to get ya to believe them, but then not follow through with it

Come back to us when they've actually done it - don't believe in the promises

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Those pledges fly right in the first of "Made in China 2025," which seeks self sufficiency and global dominance. You'd have to be an idiot to think Xi is being sincere here.


"...when it's the same as what the US has been doing for the past two generations..."

I didn't realize that the US has been banning foreign carmakers from coming to the US unless they become minority partners in JVs headed by state-owned corporations.

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"were" typo sorry

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Yeah you also promised your artificial islands in the South China sea where only built for civilian purposes and that intellectual theft would stop....

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trevorPeace* You may wanna take a look at what wants to replace them then mate.

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You know what's really weird about this argument? People are bitching about what China's doing when it's the same as what the US has been doing for the past two generations (post-gold). And China will win. The US is no longer the word's juggernaut.

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