China's version of Nasdaq set to begin trading

By Lianchao LAN, Dan Martin

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China wants to be the US. Everything that they do is to imitate the US. They are laying the groundwork to replace the US when they are finally able to rob the US of all they can.

They learn more from US history than US citizens sometimes. These financial markets will not be trusted because they can easily be manipulated by the government because the government can takeover any company that it wants just like their currency. There are no fair markets in China; thus, no fair financial markets will exist.

They are untrustworthy!

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I don't think China wants to be the US. China simply wants to be next in line to do what many nations have always done before the US. What England did, what Rome did, what Egypt did, what Mongolia did, and what so many have done throughout history. Because the sun of the modern world.

Also, people don't need a fair market to invest it. People simply care about money and if it makes them money, they will invest in it. There are many countries deemed untrustworthy, but that doesn't stop investors from capitalizing on investment opportunities.

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Ha ha ha...China's version. So that means it will still be called NASDAQ, correct?

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For the first time, Chinese companies can list without a track record of past profits or restrictions on IPO pricing.

I think that is a red flag here.

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