China's growth surges to 18.3% but rebound leveling off


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The economy grew by 18.3% over a year ago,

This is a deceiving stat. A year ago growth was negative 18.3%. So technically the economy has not grown at all. It caught up to a year ago.

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K_A.. Maybe you missed this line...?

For the full year, China eked out 2.3% growth, becoming the only major economy to expand while United States, Europe and Japan struggled with renewed disease outbreaks.

So a 2.3% growth, not great but much better than most other countries.

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I believe nothing from the statistics. If growth it is driven by government owned subsidised companies, receiving free loans. Domestic consumption driven by credit and inflated land and real estate prices. China will implode , allege US needs to do is keep up the pressure. Xi already needs to bully the rest of the world to meet the Chinese people from having to close a look at his devastating policies.

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Does anyone actually believe the "official" figures out of a totalitarian nation? With more and more foreign firms making plans to withdraw, and consumer-led boycotts, China will be ectremely lucky to have any growth from here on.

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Fighto..... The IMF, JP Morgan, and ING believe the official figures but I'm sure a poster on JT has a better understanding than these so-called experts. :)

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