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China accuses FedEx of 'holding up' Huawei parcels


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I accuse Fedex of purposely holding up my packages and sending them on routes that make no sense. The sad part is, I am American. Too many times I've tracked my packages that I order and see that they begin in New York, go to Massachusetts, come back through Connecticut, and just to finally reach their destination in New York. I scratch my head wondering what the purpose of those kind of routes are.

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It is possible that the problem is due to nothing more than incompetence. There was an item in the news during the last invasion of Iraq, when a planeload of pizzas ended up in Alaska instead of in the Middle East. It could have been intentional, but no one accused them of that. With apologies to Tom Hanks, Fed Ex is capable of making some pretty big mistakes without doing it intentionally.

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Instead of using the words "holding up" please use "delayed." Please fix this.

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Sounds more like general incompetence from the carrier rather than actual malice.

FedEx apologized in May for "misrouting" 

I think many who have lived in a Western country have seen this many a time regardless of carrier. For those in Australia, I'm sure they have many, uh, "fond" memories of the performance of AusPost!

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China has hit back by announcing it would create its own blacklist of "unreliable" companies and individuals

Would Boeing come under that list with its current problem aircraft ?

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Right. Because FedEx, or any carrier, never screws up a delivery. It's not all about you China.

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I'm quite sure those Chinese made volleyballs were put to good use, wherever they ended up.

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Fedex sucks (in Japan anyway). They always try and send a dodgy 'customs' invoice days after the delivery has already been made, even for items of low value that are tax exempt.

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Expected actions from unfair company. Fedex is american, playing attacking from behind is just normal for America.

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Expected actions from unfair company. Fedex is american, playing attacking from behind is just normal for America.

FedEx is an enormous carrier with a global reputation to uphold. Making some Chinese packages intentionally late would serve no purpose except to hurt FedEx. Not everything is a conspiracy. This is all drama created by China.

And I think America has proven if we are going to attack someone, we're pretty up front about it.

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