China becomes world's top patent filer: U.N.


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Amazing what corporate espionage and stealing of other countries' technologies does for the Chinese government. Bravo.

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China was the No1. duplicate maker.. They have copied all the famous brands. Chinese govt supported people make fake products. Now it is time for the world to react. Make duplicate copy for all the Chinese patented products as the did for two decades..

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Multinational corporations in the West and Japan enabled this to happen, through their willingness to hand over our technologies to a communist state whose aim is to dominate the global economy. Those greedy corporations have sold out our future.

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You do realize it is a well-known fact that that the theft of intellectual property used to be a linchpin of the U.S.A.'s manufacturing strategy?

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China has long surpassed Japan, with technology theft. Decades of Japanese and Western investments fueled China‘a rise.

Eventhough, I am critical of China for their authoritarian, imperial tendencies. I am impressed that China has done things that many Japanese nationalists ever dreamed of.

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Patents of stealed technology, fake things and duplicated brands. Well done China !!..

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