China completes production of its own passenger plane


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you couldnt pay me to fly in one of those, planes take many years and billions$ in R&D just to make a product thats safe. Id prefer to fly in a Russian plane before a Chinese built one.

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"A state-mandated drive to reduce dependence on European consortium Airbus and Boeing of the United States,"

This statement underscores the flawed, perverted and skewed nature of globalization and "free markets." How about our countries have a "state-mandated drive" to reduce our dependence on Chinese products?

China seems to be succeeding with high speed rail and moving to higher levels of tech and engineering....through active state ownership and protectionism...just the things the free-market people say are wrong.

And let's also remember China's state authorities recently intervened to avert a financial meltdown, unlike us whose "free market" economies dragged us down into the dirt. What do the free marketeers have to say about that, eh?

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you couldnt pay me to fly in one of those, planes take many years and billions$ in R&D just to make a product thats safe. Id prefer to fly in a Russian plane before a Chinese built one.

Exactly! There is "made in China" and then there is **MADE ** in China.

No way I would ever hop on a Chinese plane to go anywhere, even China!

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Presumably they have reverse engineered everything from the Boeing and Airbus airplanes that they have already acquired? The model looks like a hybrid of them. IP protection is not their strong point.

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IP protection is not their strong point

Understatement of the year!

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This is one of those things where one's reach should not exceed one's grasp.

The world has finally gotten to the point where, for better or worse, planes are made by Boeing and Airbus just about as flawlessly as possible by people who really know what they are doing. Sure, they are expensive, but so are the humans who use them.

How cheap do we really want to be with commercial aircraft? How eager are we to experiment with this?

And you know, Japanese efforts have been pretty slow and steady, building up expertise over a long period of time, making bigger and more complicated craft little by little. That seems like the sane course. I don't live in a place where life is cheap, and that's a good thing.

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So they're following Airbus' letter naming and Boeing's numbering system

New planes always have growing pains

Same issue with China's rail project in Indonesia: heaven forbid there's a major design flaw accident, how much investigative transparency can we get from China

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One thing for sure with more competition more power to the buyers. Now Boeing and Airbus is forced provide more for less which is a good thing for people not directly involved.

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Kind of funny they roll this out just after there deal with Boeing. I wouldn't fly on this plane.... It's selling for around $68million and probably is worth $1million. Lol.

Planes take time and effort to work properly... Not something you can simply copy and rush:

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Although I'd be afraid to fly in one of these Chinese-built planes, but an Airbus jetliner just crashed in Egypt, just saying.......

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