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China consumer prices rise in February for first time in six months

By Jing Xuan TENG

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But in a rare bright spot, official statistics Saturday showed the consumer price index rose 0.7 percent last month

These writers don't even try to hide it anymore. Next comes this propaganda:

While deflation suggests goods were cheaper, it poses a threat to the broader economy as consumers tend to postpone purchases, hoping for further reductions.

Nobody postpones anything because it might be 0.1% cheaper a year from now. Certainly not daily essentials like food, and even durable goods -- the utility of having them now rather than later outweighs the lower price you might pay in the future.

Lower consumer prices means workers can buy more and better goods, and that their wages retain their value. Rising consumer prices benefit indebted governments and connected big businesses who can borrow money while it has more value and then repay their debts with less valuable money. For workers who have little leverage to negotiate wages upward and who need to save for their futures, inflation only makes you poorer.

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Wonder if the Chinese citizens will calmly handle the next two lost decades as well as the well-behaved Japanese did after the bubble burst.

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China's de-emphasizing real estate, doubling down on clean, green, high tech, EV, etc. manufacturing and services. EV production set to increase millions of additional units this year, turns out most globally like low cost, environmental and no more expensive gas stations or oil changes!

BYD increased its compact EV sales in Australia 6x in 2023, all say it's WAY better than gasoline vehicle at half the price, better watch out Toyota, Honda etc.

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Wonder if the Chinese citizens will calmly handle the next two lost decades as well as the well-behaved Japanese did after the bubble burst.

Great question, believe so because they are busy creating thru BRICS this multi-polar world, de-dollarizing etc. Japan was stuck having no optionality after bubble.

Seems Muslim world and most of the Global South is fed up with US $ based inflation and high rates destroying their currencies, the endless wars, sanctions, endless domestic interference, US 'puppet' Democracy, etc.

Partnership based BRICS, just the opposite, designed to de-dollarize and mitigate US interference and destabilization in their many forms.

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Do you believe what you write ?

I remember not so long ago we had all these scholar telling us how China was not expansionist even thought everyone know of Tibet situation. Now, I do not think anyone dare to utter this one.

But we have this famous multi polar world which supposedly is not already existing but will exist thanks to China and Russia. You know the actual nations which are claiming countries have to accept to be under their rules or face invasion, discreetly (or not) grabbing land from neighbor, offering not so good deal loans, helping dictatorship grabbing power, ... Yes sure. More like some Monroe stuff Europa to Russia, Asia to China, America to US, Middle East to Iran, Africa free for all resources grab. Quadripolar at best, so multipolar. Considering the so nice government Russia, China and Iran are offering, perhaps you should rethink your value, thought at least it will not be what you called puppet democracy but full fledged dictatorship. Perhaps it is what you sought, in that case I should advice you to move as a form of respect for people which do not. There is enough dictatorship in various shape to suit your taste, thanks for letting people not interested in these their no dictatorship countries.

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