China exports spike to highest in 2 decades after COVID-19 hit


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Dang- a trade SURPLUS.

That's a lost concept for U.S. news. This country works in negatives 100% of the time. :P (being sarcastic)

I don't have statistics or figures but I think even U.S. military spending and manufacturing works in a deficit. Lol

And that's like one of the things the U.S. is known for (its military). For China to have a surplus in a consumer good like electronics is amazing. How does a Communist country manage to perform better than a Capitalist one- ESPECIALLY when both are modern superpowers capable of producing goods- say, phones & toilet paper?- is a tongue-in-cheek bit of news.

Economically it's counter-intuitive to me. But then again last year was one "different" year. C'mon America, hit the airwaves with some fresh economic SURPLUS.

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China is out for a regional war. All the economic numbers are twisted.

The world must act now. Japan must sent troops to the Senkaku’s before we wake up to see China did it first. Sent them under pretext of an exercise and keep them there. If we do not, China will.

Ask the Hongkong people, the Uygars, Tibetans, Taiwanese, what a Chinese promise is worth.

We do not need China, not this China.

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Alibaba Express & Alibaba taking on the likes of eBay & Rakuten... And now you find, eBayer's hiking Shipping costs to Japan by 1000% under false pretenses forces you to go to Alibaba !....

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I do not like Japan's Militaristic past. But I disagree 100% with China's CCP activities - compromise needs to be reached - however the CCP has an Agenda that appears to be of Global domination - a bit like that of the old Russian CP in the 50's - same playbook, new toys...

The Global Community has to figure this out smartly together and decide if they also recognise this (without pressure from the CCP to say it's not happening)... current evidence is to the Contrary, and sadly that has an impact upon Chinese Nationals living in other Countries - whom I feel for, (mostly), as they're taking the brunt of frustrations from the local populations.

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Down with the CCP, up with the Chinese People's Democracy movement!!!

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