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Chinese firm to build ¥50 bil battery plant for Nissan EVs in Japan


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Where are those Japanese supremacists bashing China?


I should have guessed.

Very bad idea for the safety and security of Japan. Be prepared to get screwed Japan, and it is your fault like always!

Like I said many times, Japanese elites are in the pockets of Chinese communist members and Western elites. The Japanese political elites casually trash China on the media and introduce more protectionist laws against foreign investments. In secret, they still shake hands with China and other foreigners to sell out Japan.

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@Samit Basu

Chinese are ahead of Japanese in EV and battery tech.

China is also ahead of Japan on espionage, stealing state secrets, and sabotage. Ask the other countries, how their infrastructure deals are going with China. Cheat and steal instead of innovate has been China's motto

Chinese entities conducting espionage include government agencies, the military, state- owned enterprises (SOEs), private companies/individuals, and select universities. Nearly half of China’s espionage efforts target U.S. military and space technologies. Almost 25 percent of cases target commercial interests.

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Somehow, I just don't think that the CEO of Envision AESC will get arrested at Henada Airport. I don't think that Japan would dare.

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Collaboration between China and Japan..

Very good !!..

No Westerners intervening..

United Asia will rule the economic world..

Be very, very careful about what you wish for, getting into bed with a Communist Chinese company. Watch Nissans blueprints and tech being "borrowed" and popping up in 2 years time as Chinese domestic products.

This is a terrible move by Nissan, and they will reap what they sow. Why not collaborate with Taiwan - the democratic China?

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Something which seems obvious for long distance driving, but maybe there is a better idea in the works, is the EV equivalent of a 'gas stand' where a vehicle needing a recharge pulls into a drive through stall and automatic machinery drops the discharged battery and moves it to a charging rack while replacing it with a fully charged battery, billing the customer, and adjusting for any remaining charge in the replaced battery. Two minutes, tops, with a small auxiliary battery keeping the radio and heat/AC on during the change. Pull in, pull out, and all payment handled through the onboard computer. This would require an industry 'standardized' battery conformation and significant underground machinery. It would seem ideal for long distance trucking. An alternative might be sections of highway with on-the-go charging by inductive coupling but not practical for smaller country roads and city streets. Stopping to recharge the battery every 250 miles or so on a long trip might be a recipe for obesity, also, if one tends to snack while sitting around awaiting a full recharge. Back when the ICE was new (circa 1900), people bought gasoline out of barrels at grocery or hardware stores. The first American 'filling station' opened in 1905 in St Louis and the second in 1907 in Seattle. But the required physical plant was much easier and all ICEs could be fueled without requiring a 'standardized' gasoline. Still...if we think back to early automobiles and understand that they were 'modern' technology, we will understand how primitive we will look to future developments...

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Japan has some of the best battery technology in the world.. Panasonic, GS Battery etc why o why partner to buil Chinese plant in Japan. Japan really has lost its way.

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Very bad idea for the safety and security of Japan. Be prepared to get screwed Japan, and it is your fault like always!

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Try and avoid Chinese products, another reason not to buy Nissan ev cars.

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Actually Tesla are ahead of everyone in their builds and software.. they are using and looking at different battery companies technologies.. if Japan wants to move ahead in the ev space it should look at US rather than China.. China are producing lower priced vehicles, but are not near Tesla in technology

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There used to be a saying “beware Greeks bearing gifts” that should now be beware Chinese bearing enything!

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US July auto sales figures are out and Hyundai outsold Honda by 10,000.

The Big 3 in the US now means Toyota, GM, and Hyundai.

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Very bad idea for the safety and security of Japan

Chinese are ahead of Japanese in EV and battery tech.

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"Chinese are ahead of Japanese in EV and battery tech."

Oh, dear!

"Japan leads battery tech race with a third of global patent filings


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To be fair, there is nothing wrong with cooperation between two companies. Especially when it comes to building EV battery for electric cars to replace fossil fuel cars. Readers need to understand that disliking the chinese goverment and their policies does not means that Japan has to hate working with the chinese people or their companies. And in fact i think is a good idea to build it in our nation anyway. Even if something goes wrong, at least the government can step in and investigate. if it were build in china, then i would be more worried.

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"Where are those Japanese supremacists bashing China?


I should have guessed."

Well, you guessed it right; the ballbreaker is back.

Since when does posting a fact equal bashing?

As for "basher" look at self in the mirror,

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Perhaps I am being overly optimistic, but Nissan still retains a big ownership % in the firm and everything is being made in Japan. What this tells me is that there isn't enough manpower in Japan to make the giga-factory. Japan Inc. has done pretty well in not having their IP stolen in China, whereas America has experienced a ton more IP theft. A big part of that is that American companies do a very poor job off monitoring their Chinese suppliers (no surprise there). Japan appears to do a better job of it.

Another big factor was that Ghosn was hell-bent on being huge in China and had attempted to sell the Nissan's entire battery unit to China a couple of times. To this day, I think the two things that caused friction in Nissan was (1) Ghosn's insistence of a triple merger w/Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi...with Renault executives getting to call the shots and (2) Ghosn's rather Euro-centric view that 'China is where the growth is and Nissan will be #1 in China' while neglecting the Japanese market and Japanese employees.

Nissan just appears to be a rudderless wreck right now.

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Do it, then take all the chinese investment and kick em out

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Lithium-ion batteries are the future, so why not! Good Luck to both sides, we need to get red of the poison of CO2 and hopefully save this planet.

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Chinese are ahead of Japanese in EV and battery tech

Imagine believing this..

look here Samit basu, They are leaders in cost cutting, not Leaders in technology.

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Go go China-Japan cooperation!

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This is China building a factory and investing in Japan.

A win-win for both.

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AESC, or Automotive Energy Supply Corp, was established as a joint venture between Nissan and NEC Corp in 2007, but Nissan announced its sale to Envision Group, a green technology company based in Shanghai, in 2018. The Japanese automaker still owns 20 percent of Envision AESC Group.

This is the main reason.

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I will always believe that China-Japan are mysterious friends.

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Go go China-Japan.

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