China GDP growth slows to 6.2% in second quarter

By Ryan McMorrow

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Still growing at a clip that makes other countries extremely envious.

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2% growth rate in America = economic boom, 6% growth rate in China = the collapse is coming.

The fact that, their industrial output and retail sales have grown means that their economy is still expanding at a massive scale. Don't pay any attention to these GDP numbers, they are all BS either way. Look at investment, savings, production and productivity. That's what matters.

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I'm no economist, but if the economy grows at the same rate, it gets bigger and bigger, so the growth number will get smaller even if the same amount is added to the economy, isn't it ?

After growing so big the past 30 years as to take the No.2 spot, it is in fact incredible the growth rate is still so high.

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If these numbers are bad, the rest of the world is basically in recession.

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Down with the beast !!..

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What GDP gain a country needs depends where they are in economic wealth as well as population

For ex: well-to-do economies don't need as much gain since they're already at a good level, while countries with large growing population needs to gain GDP that could keep up

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