China imports and exports fall again

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Contrary to common belief, it was the Japanese corporations that provided management to China's industries, thus giving China three (3) decades of progress, not CPC management.

The Chinese economy is grinding to a halt now without Japanese management. You know this. Yet, instead of holding back growth to sustainable levels, the CCP is determined to maintain the “New Normal” of a 7.0 growth rate, as Xi himself has promised in order to double 2010 gross domestic product and per-capita income by 2020. As such, China's fixed capital investment, simply to reach this goal, is topping $5 trillion a year, as much as North America and Europe combined. Are the reserves holding? How much longer? Money out of thin air?

Based on the unsustainability of such mismanagement of the economy, capital outflows have now reached a record $113 billion in November alone. In maintaining these unrealistic growth rates and employment levels, all in the face of global tightening, the CCP hopes to export its excess output at cut-rate prices, thus squeezing profits from China’s corporations until, eventually, they will cease to exist. Is there money in thin air? Or, is there bankruptcy and shuttered factories, with 220 million idle workers rising in revolution from the gutters of China’s cities?

Now, let’s not forget that wages in these corporations have been rising at near double-digit rates, ever since the country ran out of cheap labor from the villages. As a result, East Heavy Industry and Mingde Heavy Industry have gone bust. Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group has completely stopped production, while Fujian Crown Ocean has stopped paying its workers. No more money. It is the same story in the Chinese steel industry, which is sitting on 300 million tons of excess capacity, and the state giant Sinosteel has now defaulted to state banks.

It’s the beginning of the Great CPC epression...writ large for all you trolls. Long live the Yellow River Federation, the Yangtze People’s Republic and the Pearl River Union, as well as the soon to be independent states of Tibet, East Turkestan, United Mongolia, Manchuria, Macau, Hong Kong and the only real Republic of China, Taiwan. Long live the Revolution!!!

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