China launches steel dumping probe against EU, Japan, S. Korea, Indonesia

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So the minute Chinese manufacturers start to feel squeezed what do they do..... put up barriers too. Nobody out there is without Sin.

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Yahoo for China - give it back to the predators. I can see only one winner in that. Xi and his resources (minds over matter) and the longevity of China will prove out.

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Hehe.  Best form of defence is attack.

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One sixth of the world

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From this article: "China's domestic industries that produce the same products have suffered substantial damage and threats of substantial damage" When Chinese public extend their hands to buy Made In China, yes. Hmm...

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TrevorPeace, most of China's resources are imported from other countries and then their cheap labor is utilized to make steel etc. And not the high quality that is being made in other countries, or so we thought.

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Good for the U.S. Gives the E.U, Japan and South Korea another calculation to make. Targeting Indonesia won't win China any friends in the most important country in S.E.A. Good for Australia & U.S.

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