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China lockdown hits Uniqlo parent's first-quarter profit


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"Since January, sales started picking up rapidly again. The situation in China has been drastically changing in the span of a month."

Indeed. All because of the protests.

The words from the armchair "These new protests won't get too far." ring hollow in 2023...

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Typical Japanese company blaming China for its economic woes.

Fast Retailing is a Japanese company.

Guess they need better management.

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Typical Japanese company blaming China for its economic woes.

Love it when the kid takes a bite


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"Anyone with an iota of historical knowledge of China knows the government can snuff out large demonstrations almost instantly.

These new protests won't get too far."

Painkiller the Great!!

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Uniqlo: make your clothes in Japan!

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He said he expected the firm would get "back on the path to growth" in the mainland as people moved towards living with Covid.

Indeed. Fancy that. In October, zero-covid strategy was here to stay. But the speed of the change in China's Covid approach has been breathtaking.

What triggered this dramatic about-face were the protests against China's zero-Covid policy late last year. 

Discontent had been building for a long time, but once demonstrators started chanting publicly that leader Xi Jinping should resign and the Communist Party give up power, that was more than even this country's all-powerful government could bear.

If the fan club can't accept that, it's ok. Their silence fills in the gaps.

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Burning BushToday  10:22 am JST

Guess they need better management.

Same for the Chinese government, you think?

I don't know--what kind of clothes does the Chinese government make?

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China lockdown hits Uniqlo parent's first-quarter profits

Im so sad the uniqlo partners first quater profits are down due to chinas lockdown !! Boohoo.

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Burning BushToday  12:08 pm JST


I don't know--

That's clear because you don't say anything of importance these days.

Oh, so in other days I did say things of importance?

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If the fan club can't accept that, it's ok. Their silence fills in the gaps.

Shows the CCP listens to the people. It was obvious the change was due to the protests.

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China is doing great

Indeed. With Chinese people in Japan buying medical supplies in bulk and sending it all back to friends and families back home, things are peachy.

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China is doing great,

China's health officials announced that they would not be counting deaths from other causes among the Covid statistics, even if coronavirus indirectly caused a patient to die by triggering other health problems. As a result, the official death toll is being ridiculed by Chinese people.

Got to admit, things could be better.

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China is doing great,

Reports from people in rural areas across China of mass infections, deaths, and healthcare woes, including areas where authorities say infections are yet to peak.

One woman in Shandong said her parents had not been vaccinated because they did not trust Chinese vaccines, and now feared going outside as the virus spread through their village.

Villagers in Guangdong province reported shortages of medication and oxygen supplies.

In Shaanxi a musician who played at funerals reported being busier than ever, while a woman returning to her small Hunan village decried at least six new customary funeral sheds – temporary structures built for people to mourn an individual.

Seems Zero covid was not the best policy for the health of the people after all.

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Went to Uniqlo to buy a sweater , all of’em the sleeves were a tad short? Never like that before. Check your sleeves ain’t too short first. I’m short not some been pole neither.

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Uniglo should rename the coming to Uno-no meaning you wear the item once and thats it!! Cheap crap! The material is cheap and the look is cheap. Went in to buy something ONCE and never returned again!!! Even the mannequins look disappointing! LOL

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