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China new year holiday spending surges past pre-pandemic levels


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Domestic spending on entertainment, dining and travel soared during this year's "Golden Week", which officially ended on Saturday, according to a statement from Beijing's Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Sunday.

Chinese travelers made 474 million trips across the country during the eight-day break, up 19 percent from 2019, the ministry said -- the world's largest annual migration.

And domestic spending on tourism came in at 632.7 billion yuan ($87.9 billion), up 7.7 percent from 2019, the ministry said.

A good time was had by all, in this Year of the Dragon holiday, right?

Well . . . not exactly all.

RFA reported in January that Xinjiang authorities were forcing Uyghurs to participate in upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations, by learning Chinese dances and playing Chinese songs, while the region continues to try to recover from a 7.1-magnitude earthquake. And RFA reports that a crackdown in neighboring Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture continues to force integration among Han Chinese, ethnic Kazakhs and Uyghurs to engage in New Years cultural activities that highlight characteristics of Chinese culture against the ethnic and cultural aspects of those groups.

Happy New Year?


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Excellent news..

Well done China..

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It goes to show, consumer home 'equity' and stock market performance are not the only drivers of spending and confidence. Maybe they'll start spending in Ginza next!

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