China plastic waste ban throws global recycling into chaos

By Sam Reeves

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Strange how the world condemns China for pollution and wasteful practices, but these same countries have been using China as a dumping ground for decades.

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If you make the waste, deal with it on your own ground! There should be an international moratorium against exporting garbage! Including plastic!

If individual countries were forced to deal with it themselves, this problem would disappear right quickly!

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I fear it's way too late already. With plastic we are passed the point of no returned. Yesterday, viewed a photo of a great white shark which had died from plastic consumption. Humans are the dumbest animals on the planet.

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Grind it up and dump it down old oil wells. Send it back from where it came.

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The companies who have it now accepted it for money. It's not like a US flagged freighter docked in China, Malaysia, etc and dumped it on their beach and took off.

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Such foolish and extreme comments !!

Bottled water is the main cause of the massive amounts of plastics used. People wont buy a filter and a thermos.

A 1$ tax on every wine bottle and a tax on any up of coffee over a dollar could be used to "study" how to recycle plastic waste.

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