China slowdown to bruise global economy


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Frankly I am amazed that China hasn't yet tanked since they are living on borrowed time with their model of growth. Who can possible do what China has done in such a short time and expect that their model of building to pace that leaves more than 65 million empty condos and some shopping malls looking like empty warehouses be a sustainable business model?

This story 'claims' that the Chinese government is doing something about all the problems but I'll bet my week's lunches that it's just lip service and nothing more unless you take that as now the crap is starting to hit the fan and the Chinese government is saying this because they have run out of shiny object to distract its people with. If that's the case, it's time for Japan Inc. to get the hell out of China before civil unrest takes hold. You don't want to be in a country of nouveau riche that suddenly lose it all and have to deal with those that never got that chance. That will be ugly finger pointing and someone is bound to get an eye poked out. Those hairline cracks are no more, the walls have started crumbling.

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Economic history offers no precedence for a country, especially one of that size, to grow at the breakneck pace they have for as long as they have. The question is not if China should slow down. The question is when, and by how much. Will it be severe recession or will it be "soft landing"? For whatever political reason or personal emotions one may wish this to happen or not happen, it will nonetheless happen. But will those who predict it be prepared for its consequence themselves? I seriously doubt it.

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Worst Case Scenario:

China tanks, poverty and social strife soars. In order to pacify the daily striking and often violent protests, a new, ultra strong, ultra nationalist leader is "elected."

As in the past, all of China's problems are blamed outside of China.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is hanging on to the petro dollar by a thread. They send armies around the world to enforce it's acceptance.

The throw down of all throw downs begins.

East vs West

And it's on like Donkey Kong.

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Anybody who would depend on China for their well-being has rocks in their head. "Engaging" with China in the first place was a huge mistake. Now the Chinese economy will tank and take many other countries with it; the Chinese economic model is built on a foundation of sand and is bound to collapse.

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A spokesman (Mr Wong wayup) from the Chinese trade and export council said "its all Japans fault the economy has collapsed" when he was asked why it was there fault, he replied "it just is" Mr Wong was seen walking off after spitting his dummy out.

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I agree with most people here. The first problem for developed countries was to start outsourcing jobs to China, you can get rich, but time after time your typical market will grow to the same levels of chinese population. When that reaches its point, we will all be poor with only some people with alot of money.

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The first problem for developed countries was to start outsourcing jobs to China, you can get rich, but time after time your typical market will grow to the same levels of chinese population.

Japan population is only 130 millions. Most J household have already had the washing machine, TV, fridge and Microwave oven. If Japanese firms are just selling their goods in Japan, they will not survive for a long time. They opened factories in PRC it is not because only about the cheap production cost. They need the market for selling their goods.

It is also true for US which population is just more than 300 millions. Most American households have already owned car, computer and smart phone. US firms want to sell their goods in PRC which population is 1.3 billion. They will not survive just for depending on the US market.

If US and Japanese consumers buy their goods like PRC, they do not need to move there.

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